Inspiration: 8 home corners

We went through the perfectly curated Instagrams of our favorite decor stylists (& SQUARED collaborations) to find the most beautiful home corners to inspire you and show you what we currently love at Squared. It's all about basic colors, simple shapes - and bold or playful decorations.

  1. White obession (@veronikakletenska)
  2. Dark eclectic (@northernstyling
  3. Cosy white (@rabobsen)
  4. Back to nature (@decor_blanc)
Love for everything white, natural and eclectic.
  1. Playful heaven ([@veronikakletenska (https://www.instagram.com/veronikakletenska/))
  2. Sweet melancholia (@laura_jas
  3. Terrace (@rabobsen)
  4. Office space (@sarameess)
It's all about the details - photographs, wood, flowers or metal decorations.

Main image: Unsplash

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