4 Tips For A Photo Accessories

  • November 01, 2017
  • Beth

It's not only women that have necessities which they can't leave the apartment without. Even your photos like accessories. Create an original gift or decoration with pictures you already have at home. We are introducing 4 photo accessories that will make your photos complete.

1. Washi tape

A small, inconspicuous roll that can do great things. It comes from Japan where it is produced from special rice paper. Washi tape can be easily removed from any material and can also be written on unlike conventional adhesive tapes. Discover all the colorful patterns!

You can use it when making an album or wall art from your pics.

2. Retro album by Reformat

Save your memories in a handmade album with an original retro cover. Every album is made out of vintage 1970's magazines and recycled paper. Each page gives space for one photo and a lot of comments and emojis. Love suprises? The album cover is always a great mystery.

Treat yourself and start a family album.

3. Wooden photo stand

Do you want to revitalize your office or living room? Our popular photo stand made out of poplar wood is back in stock! Exhibit you favorite photos on a work desk, in a library, or anywhere you can think of. Thanks to the metal clip you can simply exchange photos anytime.

Photo stand looks great everywhere

4. Textile casing by Mazzel

Looking for an original gift? Print pictures and wrap them in this handmade textile cover ! It can hold up to 40 small 8x10 cm photos. The fastening is made out of two rhinestone decorations on colorful bands. Definitely a must-have if you like to carry around your favourite pics.

Cute and practical at the same time
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