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4 tips for wrapping gifts in an original way

Gifts always bring us joy. Especially when they are beautifully wrapped. How to wrap them originally and creatively? Look around, you won’t believe how many useful things you can find at home - cellophane, snack bag, newspaper… These can all be used to make a beautiful creatively wrapped gift.

Kristýna Lacinová
December 09, 2021

Sometimes less is more. Don't have your favorite wrapping paper? No worries! You can playfully make use of what you have lying around the house or use ordinary packing paper and earn the admiration of others for your beautifully wrapped gifts.

Are they sold out of your favorite wrapping paper again? No problem! You can use whatever you find at home. Instead of a boring gift that looks like the others, create a beautiful gift that will be a shame to rip open.

1) Custom wrapping paper

Create your own wrapping paper! It’s simple. All you need are stamps, a paintbrush, and tape. Use a DIY potato stamp with its own pattern like a tree, an imperfect star, or a heart.

Or, don't decorate the paper at all! All you have to do is wrap a gift in ordinary packing paper, add a photo and a piece of lavender, eucalyptus, or a bow and you're done! ✅

Create your own wrapping paper. It’s simple! All you need is plain paper, some stickers, gel pens, rubber stamps to create a pattern, and a dried plant or leaf-like lavender or eucalyptus. You can finish it off with a printed photo as a decoration or name tag. Don’t forget a ribbon to tie everything together.

2) Zero waste

How about not wasting paper that is thrown away minutes later? Wrap the gift in another gift. The easiest is to wrap a gift in fabric. A beautiful cloth, tablecloth, dish towel, scarf, apron or cotton bag will bring much more joy than plain paper and you’ll be saving the planet at the same time. Simply tie the fabric around the gift or try a Japanese wrapping technique called furoshiki. See the guide below.

If you can’t tie the fabric securely, just use a ribbon or piece of a string.

3) Scour your kitchen

  • Snack bag
  • Baking paper
  • Dish towel

You wouldn’t believe it, but the kitchen holds many treasures that can help make a beautifully wrapped present.

4) Recycle!

Reuse materials that you would otherwise throw out

  • Old maps
  • Newspapers, magazines
  • Drawings
  • Any other paper you can find. You can even combine different scraps of paper to create a unique pattern.

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