6 Tips For Themed Personalised Photo Calendar

New year, new start, new calendar... Let's get the 2020 started with your own themed photo calendar. Here are 6 tips how to tailor your calendar just for you.

January 10, 2020

Landscape through the year

Looking at landscapes, mountains, meadows and other beauties of nature will definately calm and inspire you. Prepare your own photos of nature, which respond to weather of each month or period. For January choose pretty snowy mountains, for July nice views of the sea or lake.

💡 Don't have enough photos of your own? No worries - go to a photobank and get some amazing pics of your dream travel destinations.

Photos of your relatives and friends: Remind your of important events throughout the year

Forgeting birthdays of your friends or relatives? Make a calendar full of photos with people you really like and want to wish them in the given month and tick the day. You will remind yourself the good times you had together and remeber the big date for next year. The calendar list you have can also fill up with any photos from your events with friends you have spent time with from the previous months/years.

💡 Collect your photos from various events, trips or chill with your friends and print your own custom photo calendar. You can use it as the as a gift – they will be happily surprised :-)

Seasonal meals and recipes

Love to cook, bake and explore new recipes? Make a foodie calendar of your culinary masterpieces according to the season or fill the pages with recipes you really want to try out. How about a great Pumpkin soup in October, fresh pasta in April or Melon with Feta in July?

Remember all your favourite travel moments

Photo calendar is a great way to present and remember your top moments from past journeys and holidays. Let's summarize the 2019 adventures! It will deinately get you to start planning your 2020 trips.

Year with your four-legged buddy

Do you have any (but not only) four-legged pet your are spending a lot of time with? Do you like playing around and taking some photos together? You would love to have some printed memories to remind you of those special times. Print twelve best pet moments in photo calendar and you will be keen from every month … and he/she too will be as well ;-)

Favorite quote for each month of the year

Love quotations and being inspired by them? Make a photo calendar with favorite quotes and keep them on your desk, to calm, inspire or motivate you during times of stress or just to enjoy!

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