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8 Christmas Decoration Ideas Inspired by Our Customers

Your photos really put a smile on our faces last year. You made some really great Christmas decorations that added sparkle to many homes using our products. This year, we decided to get inspired by your creations and showcase some of them in our 8 Christmas decoration tips.

Kristýna Lacinová
December 09, 2021

These Christmas tree ornaments definitely won’t break

Decorate your Christmas tree in a unique way this season. 🎄

Try hanging family photos along with classic tree ornaments 👨👩👧👦. This will make the tree even more special and create a beautiful Christmas atmosphere filled with memories of time spent together.

Special thanks to Bára Mohaplová for the great idea! ❤

An Advent calendar that is sweet to look at

How can you make an Advent calendar for your family or significant other? 📅

Instead of using treats 🍫 prepare one photo for each day to hang on the Advent calendar.

💡 Then, use the photos as ornaments on the tree or for a photo display wall. 

Thanks to @jsemkulhy for the photo! 🤩

Replace names with photos

Get inspired by Michaela's idea and attach photos of family members to your Christmas presents 🎁 .

"Thanks to you, each of my projects is always unique. And this year, the whole family will appreciate your creations for the first time. Nobody had to help the kids read the gift tags and they proudly delivered all of the presents to their recipients.”

Thanks to Michaela Burdych for the kind note and creative idea! 😍

Decorate the homes of others

This year, wish your loved ones Merry Christmas 🎄 and a Happy New Year 🎆 in a different way.

DIY greeting cards are more personal 🤗 and you can decorate them yourself, unlike store-bought ones.

Just add a photo with a nice message, put the card in an envelope, 💌 and send it to your closest friends and family. They are sure to be happy that you remembered them in such a unique way. 🥰

Decorate your table with this exceptional table setting

Replace old Christmas decorations with new ones – and start with the table. 🍽

Christmas decorations 🎀 aren’t only for the tree. Photos of the family can also be a nice way to assign seats around the table.

Thanks to the retro photo frames, you can jot down a message or the person’s name.

Get your loved ones beautiful photo gifts

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  • We print photos from your Instagram, mobile and desktop.

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Christmas photo magnets aren’t only for the fridge

Round, square, with or without a frame – your imagination knows no limits. 👀

Decorate not only your fridge with photo magnets 🧲, but also different areas of your living space.

Children will have something to play with and you will be able to add more great photo magnets to your collection every year. 🌈

Don’t forget about the pets

Everyone knows that Christmas is all about the tree. But don't forget your furry friends. 🐶 🐱They want to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere too.

And what is sure to bring joy? Print wall art with your pet photos 🎞 to complete the Christmas atmosphere.

Thank you @sueruno for the adorable photo of your furry pal with our poster! 🐾

Lights are the Christmas decorations you can't do without

Christmas is not Christmas without the twinkling lights. ✨

They look great anywhere you hang them. Add photos 📸 and BAM! a beautiful photo wall is born.

💡 Want to make your photos stand out even more? Try our Wall Art Prints. With photo prints on a 0.2in board, they will subtly stick out from the wall, creating a great spatial effect. 😏

Hang your favorite photos around the lights like customer @johanka97! 😇

Photo gifts filled with memories

Thank you for inspiring us to enjoy photography and printing photos. 💜

Tag us in photos with our products and show off your creations! 📸

@squaredone photo products review on Instagram
  • @beakonya: Vatican, 2014-07-16 can't wait to be in Italy again! and many thanks to for developing my latest travel photos ♡ a előhívattam az elmúlt 2 év utazásos emlékeit egyenesen az Instagramomról. ha te is szeretnéd kinyomtatni az Insta-fotóidat és akár hűtőmágnesen viszontlátni, olvasd el a blogpostom róluk, link a biomban. #SquaredOne
  • @_thetallblonde_: These are a few of my favourite things 🎶 Printed out some of my fav pics in Polaroid style for decoration using (around 0,75€ / pic , so good !💁🏼)
  • @eluch: Do you know It's a cool project, where you can send some of your favorite instagram pictures and they'll send you back these 'polaroid' photos in retro paper photoalbum. I love the quality of the print, my Instagram feels so alive now ☺️❤️
  • @camilledea: These past few days have been a bit tough, with a lot of work to do and a demoralizing weather. So I'm very glad sent me some of my favourite Instagram pictures, printed like polaroids and protected in a cute little album. Thank you, it really brighten up my day ! #squaredone
  • @minimaliving: Lovely Saturday mood! 💐💕 . Kochani już jutro wieczorem będę miała dla Was konkurs ze Do wygrania będą aż 3 nagrody! Warto drukować swoje wspomnienia... Do zobaczenia! 💜
  • @cadudasa: moving to a new place could be very stressful but i'm glad that i could at least decorate my new place! @squared.deutschland had 2 of my photographs from my trip to istanbul last year printed (thank you for printing and delivering it to my home 🌞). good quality and easy to just stick and hang anywhere, so don't forget to check them out! and of course, i miss my trip to turkey, esp. the part where i got stuck in a bus for almost a day from istanbul to sofia and missed the flight to berlin. beautiful city, lovely people! 💚#squaredone #spon #cadudasanctuary
  • @petiteandsowhat: 🇬🇧 I love concept that directly prints Instagram pictures into Polaroid photos. Spent about one hour and a half yesterday to take this pic but it worths it. I am quite satisfied with the result. Square coffee cup from @habitat_fr. | 🇫🇷 J'adore le concept de qui permet d'imprimer directement les photos d'Instagram en format Polaroid.
  • @frailfail: Make decisions. Ich habe vor einer Weile ein paar meiner liebsten Bilder via drucken lassen. Bin sehr zufrieden. Heute habe ich gesehen, dass man nicht nur seine Bilder im Polaroidstil, sondern auch in größer drucken lassen kann (auf Forexplatten geklebt). Jetzt heißt es wieder Qual der Wahl. Es wird aber wohl das Schwanenseepärchen werden. Was meint ihr? #squaredone
  • @skandynawska_weranda: Evening.relax//Uwielbiam te ostatnie promienie słońca. Udanego wieczoru kochani!
  • @madmoizelle_ceciile: Le joli petit carnet quand tu imprimes tes photos chez [photo noir&blanc téléchargée sur pixabay] #photo#squaredone#pics#pixabay#blackandwhite#noiretblanc#elephant#nature#cactus#passioncactus
  • @jaszmurka: •stationery lover• Bo nic tak nie pachnie jak nowy notes. Jak świeżo wywołane zdjęcia i nic tak przyjemnie nie chrobocze jak pióro sunące po kartce. 📓🖋☕️✌🏼️
  • @minimaliving: "Today everything exists to end in a photograph." Susan Sontag Wish you a lovely afternoon! 💕 Thank you for my insta squares! ✌🏼️💕
  • @mynameisciprian: #summermemories #countrysideliving #backinthevillage
  • @ramonamaier_fotografie: Wie toll sind die eigenen Bilder als Polaroid? 😍 Mega toll sag ich euch! 💜 Perfekt zum aufhübschen des Büros. 😊 Gibt's sogar in 3 verschiedenen Formaten bei
  • @inna_hoerfurter: Lost in memories 🌿
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  • @jaszmurka: •happy bday to me• No to nadszedł ten dzień w roku ;) 01.05.2016 Namacalne wspomnienia od @squared.polska (dziękuję!) i @adam.ostr.ostrowski na dopełnienie radości kolejnego roku na tej ziemi ;). ✌🏼️😊
  • @minimaliving: Hello Tuesday! 🌷💚💕
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