Photo Memories for Every Woman

International Women’s Day is here. On the 8th of March all women are being celebrated around the world. Do you have any idea what you are going to give to the important woman in your life? Keep reading as we have prepared a few tips for you.

February 25, 2020

Ideas for IWD

We have celebrated IWD for over 100 years thanks to the bravery of a few American women in the beginning of the 20th century. It is the celebration of the many obstacles women have had to overcome. Therefore, we think you should give a special present to your girlfriend, mother, grandmother, sister or friend, so she can feel proud of her accomplishments.

What Gift for Your Girlfriend?

Find photos in which you are proud of your girlfriend. For example, when she graduated, when she got selected in an audition, the photos where she is just herself, or simply those where she looks great. Print them out for her. She for sure wants to remember her important life moments. In addition, you can buy flowers, prepare dinner, she is going to love it.

To Your Mom From the Heart

Let’s face it, your mother will love you no matter what. This time you should think about her and her life, her work, who she really is. Think about her achievements, her career, how she listens to you. How can she make it happen all at once? Is she a superwoman? It is time for you to give her something back. Make her happy for everything she is doing for you. Pick nice photos of her, of you together, of all of your memories and make a photobook that she will cherish forever.

Something Cool for Your Sister

Sisters, especially yours, deserve a small gift too. Even though sisters can be annoying (but remember brothers are too), you still love her, so make sure she knows. Your relationship is probably full of common memories, therefore you can start from the beginning. How she walked for the first time or when she started to speak. Later on, her first concert or when she started a company of her own. Collect 35 or 70 pictures and make her a poster. Too many? Print just a few a make a collage! She will definitely appreciate it.

What Will Make Your Grandma Happy?

Think about the best qualities of your grandma. A wise woman who is always there with something to teach you. Prepare something for her to remind her of good times with you or other memories in her life. Possibly add some personal note. She will be delighted by such a gift from her grandchild.

Let’s remind ourselves that women can be whatever they want, maybe the next president. ⭐️ Happy International Women’s Day from our whole Squared.one team! ❤️

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