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DIY: How to Make Easter Decoration

Enjoy this year's Easter home workshop! How to eco-sustainable decoration for Easter? Try DIY natural egg coloring from what you have left from cooking at home, and finally enjoy your decoration.

April 06, 2020

This year's Easter will probably be without many friends aroud, but you can still create a nice Easter decorations at home. And this will please you between the four walls. Easter decoration made of naturally colored eggs reminds everyone of spring, longer days and shorter nights and especially family well-being.

Coloring eggs

What can be used for dyeing?

Green 🥬 spinach
Pink 🥑💕 peel from avocado, beet, peel from red onion, blueberry
Beige 🧡 peel from yellow onion

How to?

White eggs are best for it! Prepare the number you want to decorate the table, cook them first. If you want to have an egg with pattern, all you need is a piece of string and a washi-tape or a pin stabbed in a pencil and wax.

We only dyed eggs naturally in hot water and vegetables. Natural dyeing takes much longer than synthetic. Bring the water and vegetables to a boil, after reduce the flame. When the water turn into specific color, place the eggs in it. You must leave the eggs in for at least an hour.

The advantage of natural dyeing is that you don't have to worry about getting poisoned when eating eggs. You can use a little vinegar for coloring, the color fix better on egg, but we didn't have it. But you can try it. 😊

Another types of egg decorations:

    • Acrylic coloring

    Of course, you can also color the eggs with acrylic paints. All you need is a brush, paint and a little water :)

    • Imprint of leaves

    If you want to print the leaves, place them on the egg and put the eggs in the stocking. The leaves must remain on the egg exactly as you wish it to be imprinted.

    Spring Egg Spread

    How to consume all those eggs when you no longer enjoy watching them? Make a delicious spread!


    • 3-4 boiled eggs, peeled and diced
    • 1 ripe avocado, diced
    • 1 celery stalk, cut into small cubes
    • 3 tablespoons flat-leaf parsley or chives, finely chopped
    • 3 tablespoons of Greek yogurt
    • lemon juice to taste
    • (1 teaspoon Dijon mustard)
    • sea salt

    How to:

    Put all the ingredients on in a medium bowl and mix well. Set aside. Put seeds in a pan and fry dry in gold. You can store the spread in a closed container in the fridge for up to two days. Serve it with fresh bread, sprinkled with watercress or sprouts, seeds and possibly seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper.

    Check our website during Easter for some egg hunting.

    Happy Easter time! 🐥

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