Top 10 Dream Room #Inspiration Photos

Everyone longs for their perfect dream room. For example, I've always wanted a place in my home filled with photos that would remind me of all the happy moments I've experienced. Especially during the times when life gets a little bit rough. We put together an inspiration to draw upon - from little DIY decorations to bigger photo walls.

May 21, 2017

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1. Green corner: photos and plants go well together.


2. Sweet dreams: we promise you'll sleep better with the best memories above your head.


3. Living room #inspiration: posters are a great addition to EVERY household.


4. Dream home office: wake up your creative soul with a beautiful moodboard.


5. Baby photo wall: there is never enough baby pictures. Stop the time with this lovely photo wall.


6. Couple goals: beautiful anniversary gift and eventually a daily sweet reminder of all the great moments spent together.


7. Home is where your memories are: travel pictures, favourite quotes, best friends and secret spots. Print it all.


8. Photo wall: we all need to have one.


9. Posters don't have to be hanging on the wall.


10. If you are not sure what to create, start with prints. They look good everywhere and also, they will make you smile.


All these images are coming from our #squaredone community. Thank you!

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