Gifts for men and boys

Daddy, Grandpa, brother or boyfriend? How can you surprise them this Christmas? Here are our tips!

Gift for dad

"I have everything, I don't need anything. I buy things if I need them.” How about giving a gift from the heart?

  • What does daddy like?
  • Was he traveling lately?

Last year he was in Europe or he took a biking trip? Print him a square. Memories are wonderful … he will love to display this on his wall at home or at the office.

For dad squares above his table. Or pictures on window display.

Gift for grandpa

The oldest man of the family deserves proper tribute. He is watching future generations arrive. Make him a photo square of his life. He could create a family tree on the wall or put all the pictures to one book.

  • What is your Grandpa most proud of? You of course!
  • What are the important things he has achieved in his life?
Grandpa's chronicle, on the wall or in the book.

Gifts for boyfriend

Depending on how long you have being together we have different ideas for you!

  • A few months – then a photo of you together will warm his hear

A long term relationship – how about …

  • Print the pictures of your first trip on photo squares. Two pictures will do! He can hang them somewhere special …
  • Put your pictures in a poster. He will love it 🥰
  • Make a large print of a special moment together if you have being together for a very long time …

Merry Christmas 🎄

We wish you a Merry Christmas and hope everyone will love your gifts. Choose yours here 👇🏼

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