How To Find a Destination Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is not a piece of cake. You have to find someone who matches your style, personality and also budget. We have put down our favourite worldwide wedding photographers to make your wedding planning a bit easier.

June 24, 2019


Alexandra Hraskova

"I am a Slovak photographer based in Prague. I enjoy photographing relaxed weddings in nature or in unusual and interesting places and capturing moments of love and hapiness. Travelling for my work and experiencing new places is something that I really love."

Instagram: @alexandrahwedding

Contact: [email protected]


Barbora Bistiak

"I love capturing moments which will never happen again, I want to freeze them forever. I want to remind you how you felt that special day, how happy you were during your wedding day, I want you to feel every emotion again and again thanks to photos! I want you to have those frozen memories for your children, grandchildren, so they can tresuse them forever.“

Instagram: @barborabistiakphoto

Contact: [email protected]


Magda Blaha

"I do photography for one reason only – to make people around me happy with nice pictures. And also because I just love it! When I shoot, I try to be invisible and I want to catch natural moments which can’t be repeated. Of course, if you have never had a photoshoot before, I will gladly help you and give you some tips."

Instagram: @magdablaha

Contact: [email protected]


Tereza Ondruskova & David Valner

"Together we have started doing wedding photography. It is something that gives us much pleasure and joy. We are naturally introverted. We get nervous every time we are supposed to shoot a group picture. We feel the most secure when we can pass unnoticed, surrounded by the cheerfulness and merriness of a wedding ceremony. Perceiving every detail, we breathe in the joyful atmosphere. Through the camera objective, we watch people’s eyes light up on one of the happiest days of their lives."

Instagram: @Date.photography

Contact: [email protected]


Dara Rakovcik

"In 2004, I was lucky and came to Manfred Daams‘s (a great German photographer) photostudio and started to learn from him. In the same time, I worked as well as an assistant and second shooter with many international photographers in fashion and advertisement photography. In 2006, I photographed my first wedding in Cologne. In 2008, after 8 years abroad, I moved back to Prague and specialized in wedding and portrait photography.I love to capture the emotions of people and create the beauty.“

Instagram: @dararakovcik_photographer

Contact: [email protected]


Eli Kubikova

"I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer and for the last five years I've been capturing couples in love, helping them to create vivid and beautiful memories of their celebrations and stories, and I couldn't think of a better job."

Instagram: @elik.photo

Contact: [email protected]


Martin & Sue

„We are Martin and Sue and we photograph couples in love, their stories and adventures all over the world as Everbay. We are interested in capturing real things and moments. Getting close to other people is probably the most interesting thing about our work. And we want our photographs to capture these things in a natural way.“

Instagram: @everbay.co

Kontakt: [email protected]


Karolina Ketmanova

"I like to watch all the big emotions and I get touched really easily. Wedding is a beautiful event and it is a great pleasure for me to be there with you. I want the photos to express as much atmosphere from your wedding day as possible."

Instagram: @carols_darkroom

Kontakt: [email protected]


Honza Martinec

"I'm a wedding photographer, not just some irritating dude, who will push you into totaly unnatural poses and force your guests to stand in a cheesy groups for shots. I ill walk around easily and not being spotted to interrupt any of those important moments during the wedding day. I want to merge with your guests, be almomst invisible and capture everything that I saw, heardand felt."

Instagram: @honzamartinec

Contact: [email protected]

💡Planning a destination wedding in Prague, Czech republic? Great! All mentioned photographers are based in Prague, but also available worldwide. 🌍

If you know a great wedding photographer - write me an e-mail. I will gladly update this post. Thanks 💕

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