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April Fools' Day Joke 2019: Product of the Century? New Mind-Blowing Video Magnets!

These magnets are moving and they will move you as well! Don't miss out on our new VIDEO MAGNETS and order now! ⤵️

A New Era of Video Magnets 💫

Have you ever thought about having a moving image on a print? Well, here it is! When live photos first came out, we started thinking about how to make them into a new product for us. And we figured out how!

We make photos, photo albums, posters and magnets. Magnets are our most popular product, therefore we decided we would focus on magnets and tailor them to our customers’ demands.

“Video magnets are a product that many people have wanted to make possible. We decided we should focus on this and provide live photo prints on our magnets.”

The technology was developed over a two year period. Right now we are the only ones in the world who own the rights to this technology. It uses nano technology based in digitized print, which allows color pigments to rearrange themselves and print video on specially modified photo-paper.

The final result is a magnet which seems motionless at first glance, but if you look carefully you will realize “the pictures are moving”. As with any photo-magnet you can put them on your fridge and create a spectacle for all of the members of your household.

Who wishes to have these kick-ass video magnets?

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