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Photo gifts to make your sweetheart happy on Valentine's Day 💘

February 14, a time for love. It doesn't matter if you love this holiday or if you consider it a day like any other. It's always the right time to make those we love happy, and with our gift tips, you'll finally fall in love with Valentine's Day.

Surprise them with gifts that will warm their heart. 😌 We will help you choose Valentine's gifts that you can order directly from your cell phone and in a heartbeat.

Put your heart into the gift

A sign of love from printed photos. A design from the bottom of your heart. 💖

  • Give your photos new life with Squared.one.
  • Group them in a heart shape similar to the picture.
  • Attach them to the wall with washi tape.

Take your love to new heights

Play with your bedroom decorations. Put the rose petals 🌹 away this time. Create an original Valentine's gift that your love has never seen before. Just photos, balloons 🎈 and a little helium. And maybe it will remind you of the beautiful animated movie Up, which you can then watch in the evening.


You need:

  • balloons (white, pink or choose your own color)
  • helium
  • strings (preferably in the same color as balloons)
  • photos (choose your favorite format)
  • hole puncher

Make holes in the photos (preferably at the top in the center) and thread the string. Make a knot. Then just inflate the balloons with helium and tie the other end of the string to them. Decorate the whole room this way. 😍

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Let the photos speak for themselves

Love goes through the camera! 📷

You can print photos in many amazing formats with us! 👏

  • We use first-class Fujicolor photo paper.
  • You can also add a frame to your photos.
  • With retro formats, you can even add your own captions and emojis to your photos.
  • Choose dimensions from 4×3¼″ up to 12×8″.
  • You can order the photos online and they will be delivered directly to you.

Create a crazy book of experiences

Bet on the classic large photo album with empty pages 📒, which will capture the best memories. Make a scrapbook - a book full of photos, texts, stickers and your own drawings. On these pages, you can tell a story that your love will definitely not forget. 🤗

You can also buy photo mounting corners to attach photos, or cheerful stickers for decoration.

Write a message to your love

Love letter. 💌 There is nothing more precious than words of love.

What to write in it?

  • Get inspired by quotes or famous letters.
  • Why do you like her / him so much?
  • What do you admire about her / him?
  • Why does she / he inspire you?
  • What do you value most?
  • What great moments stick in your memory?

And for those who really do not know the advice: How to write a love letter 🖋

Express your love with a collage

Gestures and photos speak for themselves. Choose 35 or 70 photos and confess your love with a poster. ❤️

You can select photos for the poster to represent a specific period. To make the photos fit better in the collage, you can apply a similar filter. It's up to you as to whether you choose photos from your last vacation, trip, everyday life or last year. Then just add a frame and a beautiful gift for Valentine's Day is done.

Decorate your shared space with wall art print

Thick photo prints with hangers on the back fit on the wall and on the shelf. Choose the best photo of yourselves and smile every time you look at it. 😊

We thank Alexandra Hrašková - @alexandraweddingphtography 📷 and Michaela Burdychová for the photos.

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