Spring homedecor inspiration: DIY tips

Let spring into your room! Bring white walls and empty shelves to life and see what's going on in the interior.

What do we look at?

  • Fresh spring pictures
  • Blooming walls
  • Hanging decoration
  • Flowers in the interior

Fresh spring pictures

Spring inherently binds to fine colors: green, white, light pink and yellow.

  • Tune your photos to color tones.
  • Shoot in the spring sun.
  • Concentrate on composition.
  • Show only what is important.

Blooming walls

What do I need?

  • A few photos, clippings or postcards
  • Washi tape (does not destroy the wall)
  • Eucalyptus, grain, flower from the nearest park, artificial flowers
  • String, thread, needle

    Hanging decoration

    What do I need?

    • string
    • glass bottle (from milk)
    • flowers
    • macrame decoration (try to make it by yourself) ⬇️

    Flowers in the interior

    Who wouldn't want an apartment full of green flowers and colorful flower pots? How do you get the best effect? Either the amount (the more flowers on one shelf, the better) - or hanging in open space (on a line or string).

    Tip 💡do not buy overpriced flowers. Check out the online bazaars or the Facebook Marketplace - people are getting rid of unnecessary plants at a good price all the time.

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