Tips for gifts for grandma and grandpa

The mission of grandparents is simple: make the grandchildren happy. Who wouldn't remember the best grandmother's cookies, long evenings when you didn't go to sleep right after the bedtime story, grandpa's workshop full of fascinating things and his magic tricks. They know exactly how to make us happy. But do you know how to make grandma and grandpa happy as well? Remind them of all the moments you have spent together in a family photo book. There are five tips how to improve your photo book!

October 17, 2019

They've been here for us since forever. Grandma and grandpa don't forbid anything, they always allow us to do what we want, they buy us sweets and tell stories from times we don't remember. So how about giving them a present under the Christmas tree that would accurately describe how much the whole family likes and appreciates them? Check out our 5 tips for a photo book that will blow your mind! ⬇️

1. Scan old family pictures

You can make your family photo book special by including old family photos in addition to the current ones. Dig out all the family's treasures from family albums and storage boxes; wedding photos, first kids and holidays, you in a ninety-year-old jacket, all the pearls of the family archive. Scan quickly and easily from your mobile with Google Photo Scan - just check out the article here.

2. Write stories

The photobook can carry not only a lot of photos but also charged lines - so don't be fraid to write it down. You can conceive the photo book as a family chronicle, where you will record all important family milestones. Let your grandchildren know once about who their ancestors were.

3. Try a variety of photo layouts

Did you know that you can fit up to four photos on one page of a photo book? Or that you can spread one photo over the entire double sheet? And that you can have any color of sheets in your book? Get inspired and create a truly original work.

4. Don't be afraid of selfies or lower quality photos from your mobile

If you don't create a professional portfolio, you can occasionally bend the rules over the quality of your photos. Don't be afraid to use photos from your mobile - a selfie with your mom, sister, brother - all this will surely make a genuine smile. And if there's one darker photo, they won't mind :-)

5. Photo book as a scrapbook

Do you really want to make photo book from your heart? Turn it into a scrapbook. Just dig in a lot of colored pencils, prints, pressed leaves and flowers and let your creative self shine. This will make your classic photo book special and make it even more personal.

TIP: Focus on calligraphic inscriptions, drawing picture or frame photos with flowers, leaves, or snowflakes, depending on the season.

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