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Big Memories in a Big Format

There are certain life events where we wish to capture every single moment. Weddings are one of them. The cameras are constantly flashing, and in the end, we have so many photos that we do not know which ones to print. To help solve this problem, we decided to go directly to the source – a married couple celebrating the 10 year anniversary since they had met. We talked with Mark and Lora about their experience with wedding pictures, memories and one big poster.

April 27, 2017

1) You have known each other for 10 years and you’ve been married for five. How come you have just started to discuss the wedding photos now?

Lora: "I think it is quite a common problem among couples. We simply could not decide which photos we wanted to print. We were squabbling about it for so long that we had two children in the mean time."

Mark: "The problem was that I wanted the nice ones and Lora had insisted on the craziest candid photos only. This year we are celebrating our ten year anniversary, so we both agreed that the time had come to finally print our wedding pictures. And that’s how we decided to get a poster."

2) How did you choose the pictures?

Mark: "I wanted to preserve the atmosphere of the whole day. I selected photos that captured the best moments of our wedding - the church, Lora in her white dress, our first dance, and unpacking the gifts."

Lora: "I don’t really like the traditional arranged wedding photos. I wanted to remember all those little moments which made me laugh or cry a bit – my sister catching the bouquet, my mom singing or Marek covered with wedding cake."

All Your Big Moments Gathered Together

3) Why a wedding poster?

Mark: "It was the most convenient solution. No difficulties, frames for each picture or culling. The poster gave us space for 35 photos, so Lora and I selected our favorite ones, put it all together, and that was it."

Lora: "Another big advantage of the poster is its size – our kids are most likely to leave it alone unlike single photos which they love to destroy."

Is there a story behind your pictures? Share it under the hastag #squaredone and write to us about your story. The best ones will make it into our magazine and win a prize!

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