10 Instagram Accounts Every Woman Should Follow

We all know Marie Currie, Xena, Frida and Joan of Arc, but there are plenty of other inspirational women nobody has ever heard of. Women who inspire us all year long. Grandmothers, sisters, moms, friends or girlfriends. Your interesting projects and what fascinates us! What woman to follow next?

March 06, 2020

We have all been told stories about admirable women around us. We chose some we follow and we would like to share them with you. With this article, we would like to send power to women all around the world and express our support for their actions, projects, and the fact that they are simply there. Thank you ❤️️

Who is the woman you follow? 💪🏽

1. She is brave 

2. She is courageous 

3. She is persistent 

4. She is powerful 

5. She is determined to act 

6. She has a big heart 

7. She is selfless 

8. She tries new things 

9. She is loving 

10. She doesn't give up

Who to follow next?

We chose some of the best Instagram accounts of women we follow and you should check them out too!

Refinery 29

Get confident. "Refinery 29 is a catalyst for women to see, feel, and claim their power. We are the leading next-gen media and entertainment company focused on YOU—women pushing the status quo, in your lives and in the world."

I started following Refinery a few years ago and I like their Instagram content. Keep an open mind and be grateful for who you are.

Greta Thunberg

Go green for the planet! 🌎 "17 year old climate and environmental activist with Asperger’s"
There's no need to introduce this young lady. She is very special. Her Fridays for the Future are moving the whole world. Join her in not eating meat on every Friday.

Sad Girls Club

Take care of your mental health with.... "WOC driven. Creating community in the mental health world & igniting conversations with GenZ & millennials."
They bring up important topics: For example they shared posts about social media fears and anxiety to tell you there is nothing to have fear about, people only share their highlights, not their everyday struggles. Stay healthy with SGC! 👩🏾‍⚕️

The Minimalist Wardrobe

Stay sustainable with.. 👚👙👠  "🌿Advocating ethical, sustainable & thrifted fashion"
Minimalist Wardrobe is an environmentally friendly website that tells you how to handle your wardrobe, how to behave in an environmentally friendly way, and not to buy more and more clothes. Step by step you will have a inspirational closet. Check out their Instagram!

The Stories of Women

Get inspired by.. "A Vulnerability Variety Show"
This is an inspirational account by women, where women can share their stories on specific topics they deal with. Follow and watch!

Harriet Lee-Merrion

Let yourself in.. 👀 Harriet is an illustrator from England, who deals with feminist themes and draws on the situations that describe it. Get to know her world. She has a very specific style!

Bode Burnout – Jodie Langford

Laugh with.. If you are not following Bode Burnout aka Jodie on Instagram yet, start doing it now. Her witty, satirical illustrations of what it is like to be a woman today are sure to entertain you. She often talks about coping with her body, self-acceptance, and mental health. In addition, everything is packed with such irony and cynicism that it makes you sincerely laugh amongst all those motivational quotes on Instagram.

Rupi Kaur

Read something with.. World famous poet and illustrator who shares delicate, intimate and powerful messages through her work. Who hasn’t read Milk and Honey? – buy it today and make an afternoon just for yourself.

Words Of Women

Get deep in lines of.. Words of Woman is a online platform with supportive and entertaining content. Read the articles about Family: The Real Reason You’re Sensitive Around Them or My Beautiful Apartment: The Importance of Beautiful Things. ✍🏼

The Wing

"The Wing is a network of work & community spaces designed for women. 👐🏻👐🏽👐🏾👐🏿 Our mission: The advancement of women through community."

Join The Wing and be part of special woman supportive group.

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