Partner program

Join our partner program and earn commissions. 10 % for each order placed and paid on our web store based on your refferal.

As easy as it gets.

Share our unique link on social networks, your blog or homepage. Every single one of you who sign up, will be provided a unique link for sharing and a banner of his own choice.

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Commission payout

You get commission from each order that has been placed and paid on our web store within 30 days from the actual click on your link. There are 2 ways how to get the commission paid out: a) The money can be sent into your bank account or b) you can transform your commission into a gift code for our web store.

Commission payout

  1. Sign up or log in to your profile.
  2. In your profile by clicking on Partner program you'll find the partner link (Share your link) that you are required to share and along with it a variety of banners from which you can choose.
  3. To display the banner on your page or your social media account you just have to enter the link or the simple banner-display code.
  4. An overview of the billing and the commission can be seen on your Squared profile page.
  5. After receiving your commission of at least $10 you can either choose to get it paid out into your bank account or you can claim it as a gift card for the Squared.one web store.
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