Contest for the best photos on Instagram #bestpic2022

Enter your photo and compete for great prizes each month. Everyone's a winner!

Top prize for Instagrammers

Get votes from your friends and followers and compete for great prizes.

1. placeFree photo printing for a year at Squared.one

Current category and prize

Each month we will choose a themed category that you can compete in. Pick an Instagram photo that fits the category and submit your BEST PIC for a chance to win great prizes.

Best friends

Friends since childhood 👯‍♀️ or furry friends 🐕‍🦺🐈. All types of friendships are welcome!

Free photo printing for a year at Squared.one

Every participant and voter wins!

Try your luck and spin for a deal on photo printing at Squared.one

How to compete

Choose your Instagram photo

Upload your photo

Spin the wheel of fortune to get your prize from Squared.one

The winner is announced by the judges’ panel at the end of each month

Get votes from your Instagram followers for a chance to win one of the grand prizes

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10. 9. 2022

The result of the competition will be announced online, on this page.

Previous winners

September (Best friends) – @rbcdart

August (Lots of love) - @hallyu_.klub

July (Travel dreams come true) – @jazlocke

Latest submitted photos


  1. Participants can only enter one photo from one Instagram account through September 30, 2022. The photo must have been taken and uploaded to Instagram in 2022.
  2. The result of the competition will be announced online on October 10, 2022, on this page.
  3. A category theme will be selected each month. Participants should submit a photo that goes with this category. The winner for the month will be announced at the beginning of the next month by a selected judge.
  4. The winner of the Instagrammer Award is decided by user votes on the website https://www.squared.one/bestpic/2022. The photo with the highest number of votes wins.
  5. Free printing for the whole year includes twelve electronic gift cards valued at $25 good for any Squared.one photo product. Gift cards are sent to the lucky winners monthly.
  6. Each participant (whether by voting or submitting a photo) has a chance to win a prize from Squared.one by spinning the wheel of fortune. The participant will receive their prize via email.
  7. By entering the contest and voting, participants give their consent to be included in the Squared newsletter published by www.squared.one.
  8. Parti... in the contest does not create a legal right to a prize or reward, but we are being fair and honest.
  9. The contest is a friendly event. We mainly want to bring people together and showcase our photos from the year.
  10. Last year, there were attempts to influence the contest through fake accounts, vote swapping tools, and accounts from foreign click farms. All attempts at unfairness result in the deduction of such votes or the removal of the participant from the contest or the removal of the prize won for participation.