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Squared.one is an online designer photo lab. We inspire the joy you get from photos that you can actually pick up and share. Give your photos new life with Squared.one.

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Photo Magnets

Decorate your fridge with beautiful memories.

Starting at $1.99 per piece

Wallet-Size Photos

They are small, they are cute and come in six different shapes.

Starting at $0.49 per piece

@squaredone photo products review on Instagram
  • @cadudasa: moving to a new place could be very stressful but i'm glad that i could at least decorate my new place! @squared.deutschland had 2 of my photographs from my trip to istanbul last year printed (thank you for printing and delivering it to my home 🌞). good quality and easy to just stick and hang anywhere, so don't forget to check them out! and of course, i miss my trip to turkey, esp. the part where i got stuck in a bus for almost a day from istanbul to sofia and missed the flight to berlin. beautiful city, lovely people! 💚#squaredone #spon #cadudasanctuary
  • @camilledea: These past few days have been a bit tough, with a lot of work to do and a demoralizing weather. So I'm very glad @squared.one sent me some of my favourite Instagram pictures, printed like polaroids and protected in a cute little album. Thank you, it really brighten up my day ! #squaredone
  • @minimaliving: Hello Tuesday! 🌷💚💕