Photo Posters

Print your custom photo poster in the best quality. The best moments belong together. Choose 35 or 75 photos from your Instagram, Facebook, Mobile or Computer.

Select size:
Poster 19.75×27.5″ (50×70 cm) - 35 photos
Poster 19.75×27.5″ (50×70 cm) - 70 photos
Starting at $39.00
Production time is three business days.

FREE worldwide shipping (over $70.00)

Photos from Instagram, Facebook, mobile and desktop

Fast and easy order process – NO APP needed

100% Satisfaction guarantee


  • Poster size is 19¾ × 27½ inches.
  • You can arrange, crop and re-size the photos during the order.
  • You can customize the border color so it fits the motif of the photos.
  • Printed on High-quality Fujicolor Crystal Archive DP II Paper with a semi-matte/satin surface.
  • Highest standard image resolution available from ZBE's Chromira RA4 Printer.
  • If you order a poster and another product, they will be delivered separately.
  • Shipped in a paper tube.
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@squaredone photo products review on Instagram

  • @raenze_berlin: I'm so in love with my 70 in 1 poster 💕! Thanks soooo much @squared.deutschland 💜!
  • @visualsvan: 346 likes 3d visualsvanthanks to @squared.deutschland for sending me this amazing poster.
  • @nicolekudelkova: home sweet home 🐇 #stylishwhiterabbit #hmhome #vyvolejto
  • @juuj.sk: Poster with our insta pictures. Our office is gona be a great place to work❤

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Wooden Poster Hanger

Hanger from solid wood with strong magnets will make your photo poster a star of the interior.


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