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Family Photos

Pregnancy and parenthood are often the most memorable years of our lives, but they fly by so quickly. Capture all your family’s memories in photos, magnets, or photo books and revisit these precious moments for many years to come.

Baby’s first year and all those that follow, all the important “firsts” and milestones. These are the memories and snapshots that would be a shame to keep buried in your phone or camera. ⬇️

Create a family photo album or scrapbook. 📒 Gather all the family photos. Start with pregnancy photos, 🤰 add baby photos, photos of the children, and the whole family. Find everything you need to create a scrapbook at Squared.one - photo albums, 😍 mounting corners for attaching photos, washi tapes, and pens for decorating the scrapbook, and of course the option to print all your photos. Try standard formats or Polaroid-style photos. Or get our scrapbooking kit to get everything you will need in one kit. You can also try a family photo book.

A baby book is perfect for recording all the beautiful moments of pregnancy and the baby’s first year. 👶 Get yourself a photo album, print your favorite photos, and you can get started. If you need inspiration for what to include in the baby book, check out our article Baby Photo Album - Document your baby's first year. 📒 And if DIY projects are not your thing, create a baby photo book and a kid's photo book. 📚– everything is done in just a few minutes in the editor.

Photos don't have to be kept in a photo album. Put them on the wall! 🖼 Create a collage of children's photos on a poster and decorate your living room or bedroom. 🛋 And don't forget the children's room. Let your child choose their favorite photos or pictures and have them printed as wall art prints.

Fridge photo magnets make unique gifts for grandparents and all your loved ones. Print photos of the children on magnets and give your family a beautiful decoration for their fridge. You can also use magnets to make your own educational games. Choose photos of animals, colors, or numbers and make a game to play with the kids in the kitchen.

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