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Print Photos with White Border

Do you love the classic style of photo prints with a white border? At Squared.one you can print all our photo print sizes ranging from 3.25×4” to 8x12” with or without a border. Our default option is a white border but you can also create colored borders with any color you like.

Tip: Try our polaroid-style photo prints with a famous border.

How to print photos with a white border?

Printing white border photo prints is super easy and done in minutes. Go to Photo Prints and select a desired photo print size and photo paper finish (glossy or matte). You will be then transferred to our online editor where you can upload all your photos from your computer, phone, or Instagram. Once they’re uploaded you turn on the white border in the upper left corner. We use a white border as a default but you can add any color you like. Then just proceed to checkout and look forward to your border photo prints.

Why order photo prints with a white border?

A white border will give your photos an elegant and classic look. However, the benefit of adding a white border to your photo is not only visual but also practical. A white border means you can easily pick it up show it off to your friends and not smudge the actual photo.

What sizes can I order white border photo prints?

You can pick from a large variety of photo print sizes. Our smallest photo print is 2×2″ and will fit perfectly in your wallet. From the classic sizes, we offer 3.25×4″, 3.5×5″ and 4×6″. Larger sizes that are great for displaying and framing are available in sizes 5x7”, 6x8”, and 8x12”. And we also print square prints in sizes 4x4”, 5x5”, and 6x6”.

You can also print photos in polaroid style meaning photos with the famous border in three sizes: 2×2.75″, 3.25×4″ and 4x5”

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