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Glue for Photos

Gluing photos and creating photo albums will be a breeze with photo glue from the Italian company Coccoina. These glues have been made since 1927 from potato starch and almond essence, so they are eco-friendly, degradable and safe for children. Plus, they smell great like marzipan. Coccoina photo glues are easy to apply, don't form lumps and keep photos in place.

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Glue Stick 20 g
Glue Stick 40 g
Glue Paste Tin w/ Brush
Liquid Glue
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  • Glue Sticks - classic adhesive, convenient application, available in two sizes 20 and 40 g
  • Glue Paste Tin with a Bruch 125 g - have maximum control over glue application thanks to the brush. You won't end up using an excess amount of glue and the application is very smooth
  • Liquid glue with sponge tip 50 g - ideal for perfectionists, you can adjust the position at the moment of gluing the photo before the glue dries to ensure the photo is properly aligned


  • best for gluing photos, papers, but also textiles - ideal for scrapbooking or card making
  • all glues are degradable, non-toxic, and contain no solvents
  • made from natural materials - potato starch and almond essence
  • easy to apply - no glue clumps on paper
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