Travel Photo Book: Document Your Adventures

A summer essential. WIth lay-flat paperboard pages and printed natural book board cover, this is the most beautiful and elegant solution how to store your favourite travel pictures.

July 29, 2017

Scrapbooking is a great and popular way how to create a beautiful memento from a trip that preserves our memories for many years coming. If you are not into DIY or you are looking for a similar idea - just with less work and more professional design - then you will love our photo book.

How To Get Mine?

Just choose your favourite photographs - they can be load from both Instagram and your computer - and leave the rest on us. Compared to scrapbook, where you can also stick your favorite tickets and other paper decorations, the photo book looks more professional so it can be also used as a portfolio. It looks great in every library!

You can use our pre-designed templates.

Squared Photo Book is printed on semi-gloss paper with a thick book board cover. You can choose from two sizes: smaller 5½ × 5½″ or bigger 8 × 8″ with minimum of 20 pages. We offer six different spine colors so your library won't be ever boring again. Moreover, you can arrange and sort your books by topics or destinations.

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