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Square Photo Prints

Whether you’re printing photos from the big holidays, weddings,s or small everyday moments our square photo prints will perfectly capture all the memories. Choose from different sizes of square photos and glossy or matte finish. Printing square photos is super easy.

Tip: Square prints are perfect for printing Instagram photos

What sizes do you print square photos?

We offer square photo prints in 5 different sizes and wall art prints in 3 different sizes with a glossy or matte finish. From the smallest category, you can print 2-inch square photo prints or 2.5-inch square photo prints which will perfectly fit your wallet. From the standard size category, we print 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 square photos. We can also print your square photos as wall art prints, meaning your photos are printed on thicker material and you have the option to add a wooden or aluminum frame. We offer wall photos in 6x6, 8x8, or 12x12 sizes.

💡 Tip: Try our polaroid-style photos where the photo itself is square as well with a popular frame added to the mix.

How to print square photos?

To print square photos simply choose a desired photo product (photo prints, wall art prints, wallet-size prints, or photo magnets) and photo prints size. Then, you will be redirected to our online editor where you can upload photos from your phone, computer, or Instagram account. Edit the crop of all photos and add a white or colored border. Finally, you can proceed to checkout and look forward to your square photo prints.

Can I print square photo prints with a white border?

Yes, you can. Simply enable a border while ordering your square photos. The border is white on default but you can choose any color you want.

Can I print rectangular photos square?

Sure you can. If you select to print square photos your photos will be automatically cropped to a square. You can then adjust the crop of every photo. It doesn’t matter if your original photo is 4x6 photo prints or any other format, you can create square photo prints from any photo.

How to print photos from Instagram?

At Squared.one you can print Instagram photos directly from your account. We described the whole process in our article How to print Instagram photos.

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