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Canvas Photo Print 7,8x11,8” (20x30 cm)

Canvas Photo Prints

Transform your memories into beautiful works of art with our photo canvas prints. Print your favorite photos on canvas to create stunning statement pieces that add a touch of style to any room. Our printing technology ensures that your canvas with a photo will look just as vibrant and beautiful as the original picture. Choose from a variety of sizes and order your photo on canvas today.

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7.8×7.8″ Canvas
7.8×11.8″ Canvas
11.8×11.8″ Canvas
11.8×17.8″ Canvas
$39.99 per piece
Production time is ten business days.

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Details of photo canvas prints

  • Canvases with photos are made of extremely durable canvas that will not crack when stretched around the frame
  • We print photos on canvas using the highest quality technology on matte Oeko-Tex polycotton canvas
  • The best use of color space to bring out every detail and color


  • Choose from 2 square sizes of canvas prints, 7.8×7.8” and 11.8×11.8”, or 2 rectangular sizes of canvases, 7.8×11.8” and 11.8×17.8”
  • Your photo on canvas is not cropped - we clone the motif on the edges so your image remains intact
  • Canvas photos come with a sawtooth hanger attached to the frame so you can hang your canvas print right away
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Best Canvas Prints

We're committed to providing the highest quality canvas prints at an affordable price. We use premium materials (Oeko-Tex canvas) and high-quality printing technology to ensure that your custom print canvas will last a lifetime.

Your Photo on Canvas will stay the same

We use a cloning process for the edges of your pictures on canvas, so your entire photo is kept intact.

Photo Canvas = Beautiful Wall Art

Canvas with photos are a great addition to any interior. Fill your bedroom or living room with memories.

You often ask us

For a photo to be sharp on the canvas, it must have sufficient resolution. For the smallest size of the canvas photo print (8x8”), a minimum resolution of 1200×1200 px is required, and for the largest (12x18”) 1600×2400 px. Detailed information can be found here. In most cases, photos from your cell phone are good enough for any photo canvas. If the photo is not large enough, our editor will alert you.

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It usually takes 5 working days to print a photo on canvas, then express shipping will take 3-4 days depending on which of the carriers you choose. Detailed information on shipping times for more than just canvas photos can be found here.

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Photo canvas prints are a timeless classic that adds the look of a work of art and an interesting texture. As long as the photo canvas is of sufficient quality, a picture on canvas with a photo is a beautiful decoration.

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Classic photos are printed on photo paper with a glossy or matte finish, and photos on canvas are printed on fabric photo canvas with a matte and textured finish. Photos can be printed from 3.25x4” to 8x12”, while canvas photo prints range from 8x8” to 12x18”.

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Our wall prints on board are of the same quality as paintings on canvas and are also more affordable. For example, the smallest 8x8" photo canvas format costs $29.99, while a photo on board costs $19.99.

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Yes, you can order multiple canvas prints at once to create a stunning gallery wall. Simply select the sizes and quantities you want and upload your photos. We'll take care of the rest.

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