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Glue Dots

They stick photos, postcards, tickets and small trinkets - glue dots weill be your best friend for making a scrapbook or photo album. The dispenser makes applying the dots very quick and easy. Glue dost are versatile, so you can stick photos and other papers to almost anything. Each pack contains 200 dost.

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  • Each pack contains 200 glue dots with a diameter of 0,4"
  • Invisible - do you prefer a minimalist look for your photo album? The adhesive dots are not visible at all and your photos are the main focus
  • Easy to apply - you don't need to peel off the individual dots, just swipe the dispenser over the paper. You can add one glue dot or several in a row
  • Thin - they will not add thickness to your photo album (thickness approx. 0.007")
  • Versatile - the glue dots are best suited for sticking photos to paper, but you can stick them pretty much anywhere


  • Blue glue dots - dots are permanent, when you stick them on, they really last. They are ideal for photo albums to keep photos in place)
  • Green glue dots - the dots are removable, you can take them off after sticking without damaging the material.
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