Photo Poster

How do I create a photo poster?

Enhance your bedroom wall or the space above your work desk with a poster made from your photos! You can upload the photos into our editor online from your computer, mobile phone or social networks.

How do I arrange the photos in my poster?

You can either select a random arrangement by clicking “Randomize photo positions”, or you can drag & drop the photos to arrange their positions.

What are the available poster sizes?

We only make one photo poster size - 19¾ x 27½″. Alternatively, you can choose from our wall art print, which comes in several sizes.

Can I change the background color of the poster?

Yes! The background color can be changed, like the frame color of a photo or a photo magnet. Just click the color icon in the bottom left hand corner of the poster.

How do I create a horizontal poster?

If you would like to hang your poster horizontally, you will need to rotate each photo by 90 degrees.

How many photos can I fit in a poster?

You can place 35 bigger or 70 smaller photos on a poster.

I do not have enough photos, can I make a poster with fewer photos?

We only have a 35 or 70 photos template and the number cannot be changed. If you miss photos, how about downloading a few from a photo bank? We love Unsplash, where you can also find many cool inscriptions that look nice on a poster.

What do I do when I see an exclamation mark next to a photo in the editor, indicating low photo quality?

⚠️ An exclamation mark indicates that the quality of a photo is not optimal. Lower photo quality should not be too visible to the eye though, as the photos on a poster are not big.

Do you sell poster frames?

Yes, you can buy a wooden poster hanger here.

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I have ordered a poster and another photo product but I have not received the poster yet.

Do not worry😉, posters take longer to produce so they can sometimes be shipped separately from the other products you have ordered. You will receive an email each time part of your order has been shipped.

What packaging will I receive my poster in?

In a hard poster tube so that it can survive any fall.

How long does a poster take to make?

Up to 3 business days. You will find a detailed overview of production times here.