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Photo Frames

Display your photos in a quality frame. You can hang the frames on the wall or put them on a shelf or table. You can insert a larger photo across the entire surface of each frame or a smaller photo with a mount.

Bigger frame – 8x12" photo or 5x7" photo with a mount
Smaller frame – 5x7" photo or 4x6" photo with a mount

Select variant:
8x12" White Frame
8x12" Black Frame
5x7" White Frame
5x7" Black Frame
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Frame sizes

Bigger frame

  • Photo without mount – 8x12" (21x30 cm)
  • Photo with mount – 5x7" (13x18 cm)
    Frame size: 12.8x9.25" (32,5x23,5 cm)

Smaller frame

  • Photo without mount – 5x7" (13x18 cm)
  • Photo with mount – 4x6" (10x15 cm)
    Frame size: 6x8" (15x20 cm)
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