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Photo Mounting Corners

Self-adhesive photo corners for easy attachment of photos to photo albums.

Select variant:
Black transparent, 102 pcs.
Blue transparent, 102 pcs.
Black non-transparent, 102 pcs.
Mixed colors, 102 pcs.
Mix of gold, white and silver, 102 pcs.
Tricolor Red-White-Blue, 24 pcs.
Natural paper, 24 pcs.
Black paper, 24 pcs.
Silver & Black, 24 pcs.
White paper, 24 pcs.
Natural & White, 24 pcs.
Metal Gold, 24 pcs.
Metal Silver, 24 pcs.
Pink with dots, 102 pcs.
Red with stars, 102 pcs.
Blue with stars, 102 pcs.
Pink transparent, 102 pcs.
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  • 102 pcs. in sheet. Sufficient for 25 photos.
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