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Stickers with Original Illustrations

Original stickers designed for Squared.one by illustrator Dora Branna.

Select variant:
Mix of Motifs 📷 | 3 Sheets
Baby Stickers 🍼 | 3 Sheets
Wedding 💍 | 1 Sheet
In Love 💘 | 1 Sheet
Superwomen 🦸‍♀️ | 1 Sheet
Christmas Set🎄 | 3 Sheets
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  • Six sets to choose from: Mix of Motifs, Baby Stickers, In Love, Superwomen, Christmas Set, Wedding
  • Mix of Motifs, Baby Stickers and Christmas Set each contain three sheets with about 60 stickers
  • Other sets contain one sheet with a minimum of 12 stickers
  • Stickers are cut out of glossy foil or silky paper and hold on different surfaces
  • Perfect for scrapbooking, albums, collages or just for fun 🤗
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