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Wooden Hanger 12"

Wooden Poster Hanger

Photo hanger made of marupo wood will make your photos the stars of your interior. The largest moulding is ideal for photo posters, smaller mouldings for large photos or collages. Easy to install with magnets without damaging the photo.

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Wooden Hanger 8"
Black Hanger 8"
Wooden Hanger 12"
Black Hanger 12"
Wooden Hanger 20"
Black Hanger 20"
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  • thanks to the leather strap you can easily hang the poster on the wall.
    The frame is composed of four wooden slats held together by strong magnets inside
    the slats only need to be opened and the finished poster fixed between them, you don't need to assemble anything
    Material: Marupa wood


  • two colour options - natural and black
  • largest bar (50 cm wide) - ideal for photo posters
  • smallest bar (width 21 cm) - ideal for A4 photo or collage
  • middle bar (width 30 cm) - for photos or collages 30x40 cm or 30x45 cm
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Wooden or Black

We offer our hangers in two colours - natural and black, so you can display your photos to your liking.

Let the poster stand out

Installation is easy: just separate the magnetic strips, insert the poster and snap them in again. And you're done! Thanks to the leather loop, you can easily hang the poster anywhere you want.

Photo Products for Hangers

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