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Facebook Photo Book

The Facebook photo book is the perfect way to bring your favorite social media moments to life. Thanks to our simple online editor, uploading your photos directly from Facebook is super easy. Simply connect your account and turn Instagram into photo book!

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6.7×6.7″ Photo Book
8x8 Photo Book
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Photos from Instagram, Facebook, mobile and desktop

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Description of Facebook photo books

  • Softcover Facebook photo book with thin pages in a size 6.7x6.7” or 8x8”
  • Two photo book cover options: Paper softcover or Cardboard cover
  • Customize every page of your personalized photo book and create your own cover
  • Saddle-stitched binding (20 to 32 pages) or Perfect softcover binding (34+ pages)
  • Digital high-quality print on a semi-gloss paper (PEFC certificate)
  • Create a photo book from Facebook of up to 120 pages

How to create a Facebook photo book

  • choose the size and cover of your photo book and select a color for the spine
  • connect your Facebook account and upload photos
  • create your Facebook photo book using our templates and customize the cover
  • add captions and text to describe photos
  • the photo book maker will generate a preview of your photo book to check everything
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Use templates to create Facebook photo book

Choose from a variety of layouts to make your book from Facebook photos truly your own. Add captions to bring memories to life. With our simple editor, you can create a Facebook photo book in minutes.

Add captions and emoji

Facebook photo books are not complete without captions. Choose from several layouts and tell the story behind every photo.

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