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16 FREE Best Rated Photo Editors For Android And iOS

Nowadays you can find a lot of photo editing apps on the internet which you can use to beautify your photos and images. We created a list of 16 free editors that are the most user friendly. You can easily download these straight to your phone. All of them are free but may have paid special features (frames, filters…).

Vojta Váňa
April 28, 2019

Do you love posting your photos on social media, writing a blog using visual content or want to save your stylized mobile photos? You can have all of this with the following applications for Android and iOS phones.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed: Photo filters and useful tweaks
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,5
  • Price: FREE
  • Developer: Google LLC
  • Top Features: 29 Perfect Photo-Editing Tweaks

Snapseed contains a wide range of editing features for your digital photos. These include stunning filters like Film Grain, Grunge or Retrolux. This handy app is a great assistant for creating professional photos and large palette enhancements. Using these you can tweak your photo into a flawless snapshot.

2. Foto Editor Pro

  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,7
  • Developer: InShot
  • Price: FREE with premium photo effects
  • Top Features: 100+ photo collages with various grids and background styles

Foto Editor Pro improves your body curves with easy photo editing tools. You can easily change your body constitution and retouch the face. Easy body tuning to your expectations – make your legs longer, rid your face of wrinkles, add a tattoo or a few kilos of muscles.

3. Pixlr (Pixlr Express)

Pixlr Editor: Creative borders, collage maker and various effects for your photos
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,4
  • Developer: 123RF
  • Price: FREE with premium effects
  • Top Features: Easy to use for all photographers; Fancy creative effects, overlays, borders.

Pixlr as a photo editor excels in its variability. Are you an amateur or a photography professional? You can enhance your photo with the Pixlr editor very easily. You will be surprised with various overlays and photo effects. The editor is also available as a SaaS web editor.

4. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio: Share photo with users; photo edit and filters
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,5
  • Developer: PicsArt
  • Price: FREE with paid special Features
  • Top Features: Photo Remixing – Download a photo from PicsArt database, edit and share with other users, stickers and clipart database, various collages and frames

PicsArt is a photo editing tool where you can design great collages and drawings. This app offers plenty of stickers for every occasion. It allows exceptional photo edits using multi-colored photo filters and effects.

5. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector: Live photo effects
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,6
  • Developer: CyberLink
  • Price: FREE with paid special features, Ads
  • Top Features: Live Photo Effects, Crop Out, Enhanced Photo Effects and Filters

PhotoDirector specializes in feature-rich editing. You can change your photos into valuable professional art. Plenty of effects and creative tweaks are an added value of the this mobile app.

6. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express: Professional editor with professional filters.
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,3
  • Developer: Adobe
  • Price: FREE with paid special Features
  • Top Features: Photoshop contains filter removing fog, mist inhibition or photo perspective correction.

Photoshop Express is one of the next photo-editing tools from famous company Adobe. The express version is the successful variant of the originally desktop version of Photoshop. The robust editor is among one of the most used photo applications.

7. AirBrush

AirBrush: Excellent portraits and selfie images
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,8
  • Developer: PicsArt
  • Price: FREE with paid special Features
  • Top Features: Beautify, Make-up and Filters

AirBrush is here for all of the selfie lovers out there. It can soften your skin, erase acne or do your make-up. AirBrush offers tools such as teeth whitening, brighter eye-color or clearing bags under your eyes. If you wish to unwrinkle your skin or reform your face, you can try it for free but have to pay for further use.


  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,4
  • Developer: VSCO
  • Price: Free with limited functions, Pro verison
  • Top Features: Social Network Community – you can follow others or share your photos. Tons of original filters.

A popular app for editing and sharing your pics. It takes a while to get to know the system, but once you learn how to upload and download, you will be good to go. VSCO is not just a photo editor but a community as well. You will find a symphony of perfectly shaded filters and other inspiration there.

9. PhotoGrid

  • Version: iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,4
  • Developer: Cheetah Mobile
  • Price: FREE with paid special Features
  • Top Features: Animated filters, Video collage, Background variations

PhotoGrid is the best app for 2016 by Google Play. With over 300 mil users, it ranks high among mobile apps. There are various options on how to make your photos beautiful – offering over 300 templates in collage maker speaks for itself. The editor includes easy image editing for Instagram and it is a perfect creator of short video records.

10. Foodie

  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,4
  • Developer: SNOW
  • Price: FREE with paid special Features
  • Top Features: 30+ Food Stylish Filters, Video Edits, Taking Perfect Selfies

Foodie is a food photo styling editor for mobile, which embeds your food photos new visage. If you are a food blogger or a food influencer, then Foodie is a must have. Your eyes will be amazed by professional food filters. Share your stylish food photos on social media.

11. Retrica

Retrica: Get your photos into retro style
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,3
  • Developer: Retrica
  • Price: FREE with paid special Top Features
  • Top Features: 100+ Incredible Camera Filters, Instant Collage Maker, Community & Private Messaging

Take a beautiful selfie and use perfect camera filters with Retrica. You can use camera filters before capturing a photo. Retrica also focuses on community with sharing top features inside the app to other users you follow.

12. Photo Lab Picture Editor

  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,5
  • Developer: VicMan
  • Price: FREE with paid special Top Features
  • Top Features: Face Photo Montages, Top Photo Effects, 50 Preset Neural Arts

Photo Filters and face montages are among the top features of this photo editor. Your photo illustrations and images will get brand new styling without using professional software. As the authors says – This app can change your life but you are gonna love it.

13. InFrame

  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,7
  • Developer: InFrame
  • Price: FREE including ads
  • Top Features: Frame Maker, Collage Maker, Professional Editing Tools Easy to Use

An easy photo editor including filters, layouts and picture collages. If you are not a demanding user and seek a quick and easy tweak for your photos, then use InFrame. This app is really easy to use without surplus functions.

14. Prisma

  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,3
  • Developer: Prisma Labs
  • Price: FREE with paid special features
  • Top Features: 300+ Art Styles, Community öf photo creators, Perfect photo creation

Transform your photos into paintings. Prisma uses special effects which turn your pictures and photos into works of art like they have been painted by a famous painter! Using hundreds of art styles in an app library, you can choose your favorite out of the best filters to tune up your photography.

15. LightX

LightX: Merge photos with special effects
  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,6
  • Developer: Andor Communications
  • Price: FREE including Ads
  • Top Features: CutOut Background Changer, Merge Photos, Doodle and Drawings

Next on the list of successful photo editors is LightX. This application contains a mix of important top features including Merge photos which allows you merge photos together using special visual effects. It is recommended that you try this application.

16. Collage Maker Photo Editor

  • Version: Android | iOS
  • Ratings: ⌀ 4,8
  • Developer: InShot
  • Price: FREE with paid special Top Features
  • Top Features: Making collages with up to 18 pictures, 100+ frames and borders, Photo Editors for collage creation, Square photos in a blur background; shareable on Instagram.

You won’t want to edit your image collages using any other app. Photo Collage maker can combine over 18 photographs into a wonderful looking collage. You can easily use over a hundred frames and layouts. This is another great editor which can lift your images to the next level.

Tip: Don't like installing a lot of stuff on your mobile? You would probably prefer to use an online photo editor.

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