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How to print Instagram photos

Bring your Instagram feed to life by printing your favorite photos. We will show you how to easily print photos from Instagram in minutes. You can print photos from your account and even someone else’s. And you can add captions too.

How to order Instagram photo prints from your account

You can easily get your Instagram photos printed without having to download photos and then upload them to our editor. Go to our website and choose what photo product you would like to print (we recommend our square prints or polaroid-style photo prints, then choose Instagram as a source of your photos and log in to your account. You will then see all your Instagram posts and you just select which photos you would like us to print.

💡 TIP: if you select to print our polaroid-style photo print, you can put captions into the bottom part of Instagram photo prints. Add the caption, hashtags, and even emojis.

How to print someone else's Instagram photos

Printing Instagram photos from someone else’s Instagram account is a little harder as you can’t log in directly to their account in our editor. In this case, you have to download all the photos you want to print to your computer and then upload them to our editor. We explained how to best download photos from other Instagram accounts in this article: How to download Instagram photos.

How to upload photos from anywhere

Apart from Instagram, you can upload photos from your phone (both Android and iPhone), computer, or tablet/iPad. You can also upload photos from your Facebook account.

Our Instagram photo prints

Choose from different photo products to showcase your favorite Instagram posts. Store them in the photo album, display them on your fridge, make a collage on your wall, or choose one of our wall art prints.

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