5 #musthave apps for iOS and Android

Everyone has their own favourite apps for photo editing, music listening or internet banking. However, If you are still wondering how to make the most of your phone, check out our list of 5 useful apps that you need to make you cell phone even more efficient. Find out what is the best GPS or which video editor enabels you to make cool clips like a pro.

March 25, 2018

Google photos 📲

Tired of your full photo gallery all the time and do not want to pay for an extra storage? This app from Google enables you to back up your photos and acces them anywhere. Google photos tags your pics so that you can search easily for a certain photo, it also sorts your pictures into albums and can create movie clips, GIPHS or animations. Last but not least Google photos will help you with sharing pictures from your holiday with friends and family in a few seconds.

Forget about difficult backup of photos to your computer and get Google Photos now.

Canva 🎨

Want to become a professional graphic designer in a minute? Would you like to create perfect content for your Instagram Stories or Facebook post? Canva is the key to a graphic heaven, filled with beautiful and easy to use layouts, where you can just drag-and-drop your pictures and text. Benefits? It's free and very easy. Try Canva app or website and create unique graphic content in just a few clicks.

Become a graphic proffesional in a click!

Waze 🚘

Looking for the best GPS navigation? Waze is used by over a 90 milion drivers all over the world. Aside the usual tasks Waze tells you about current traffic, construction, police, crashes and more. Get faster to your destination and pay less for gas all thank to Waze. And if you can't find a place to park, Waze will help you with that as well.

Trying this smart GPS navigation is a must.

Magisto 🎬

Enjoy making videos? Want to impress your friends on social media with cool edited movie clips? Be sure to try Magisto then. This video editor and maker will automaticaly transform your videos and photographs into amazing videoclips with music of your choice, beautiful graphic and effects in just a few minutes. Available for iOS and Android.

Magisto - a video maestro.

Afterlight 2 📷

Afterlight is the only paid app in our list, but it's definately worth it. Envive your Instagram pictures with special light effect, create a unique photo using a double exposure of insert a quote of the day. Thanks to Afterlight, you won't be able to break away from photo editing. Print your best photos right from your phone or Instagram here, get creative with a photo poster or make some magnets for even cooler fridge.

Awaken your artistic soul.

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