7 Tips: How to Make Family Photos at Home 📸

Finally, you are all home together and have a lot of time? Make a photo shoot! Capture moments and draw the best shots! You will entertain not only children but also the whole family.

7 basic tips that will help you to improve your home photos:

1. Start naturally

What photography makes photography is the light! Take a picture where there is enough of it. The best is to shoot in the morning to catch the strongest daylight. The combination of daylight and artificial light never works very well. Bet on a wall near the window and you have won.

🖤 Everybody has different colored clothes and doesn't really fit the whole thing? Throw black and white photos! Gray tones will save it.

Black and white always aligns all colors.
They are so sweet, when they ...

2. Change costumes!

Want to make your photos more colorful and fun? Engage imagination and alternate costumes and masks if you're tired of ordinary photography.

What can make photos even more colorful?

  • Props
  • Colorful background
  • Flowers

You do not have to choose for a long time, just a favorite toy, fruit, the best skirt or crown, children can do it themselves.

There are no limits to creativity!

3. Change the environment

The environment does the photo itself. Get creative! Stand on a chair, on a table, take pictures wherever there is a little space. Get away from useless distractions.

Where to take pictures?

  • By the window
  • On the bed
  • On the couch
  • At the wall
  • In a chair

What to avoid?

  • Dark corners
  • Rooms crowded with things
Be inspired by the choice of environment.

4. Select the right composition

Focus on the main thing. Take advantage of the negative space - for example the space near an empty wall - to serve as a background and emphasize the main actor. 😉

💡 Tips:

  • The center composition is the simplest
  • Stand back for enough space
  • Leave some space from the edge of the subject
  • Decide if you are taking a portrait (head), half body or whole figure
  • Do not cut hands, heads or feet of the picture
    The composition is the foundation.
    All or detail?

    5. Choose the right clothes - match colors

    Generally, you will never spoil anything. Combine light tones. Everyone in the photo will focus only on your happy faces and red shirt will not unnecessarily distract.

    ⚠️ Do not overdo it with printed or patterned T-shirts.

    Colors that match:

    Match your colors.
    Blue with blue, white with white.

    6. Play with the settings

    Depth of field plays another important role in shooting. This affects how sharp the subject you are shooting is against the background.

    • Blur the background to soften the whole photo
    • Do you have a portrait mode on your mobile? Use it!
    • Tell the children to come closer to you and away from the background

    7. Leave it to the children

    Often the little ones have the most creative souls. Leave it to them, whether they take pictures of each other or they take pictures of you.

    Children can also take pictures.

    Family photo shooting is fun, especially for your kids. Children need freedom and space to create. You will see that the best photos will be the ones where you let them jump on the bed and run around.

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