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7 Tips for Taking Family Photos at Home 📸

You don't have to be a professional photographer to get beautiful family photos. Gather the family, head out, or even stay home, and start snapping. We've put together seven tips for a DIY family photoshoot that will give you unique photos of the kids and family that will stand out in any photo album.

1. Lighting is key

Lighting is what makes the picture! Be sure to take pictures in a place where there is plenty of natural light. Preferably, shoot in the morning to catch the most daylight. ☀️ Combining natural and artificial light never works well. Set up the shoot in front of a wall near a window and you've got yourself a winner.

2. Choose the right composition

Focus on the main subject. Use negative space, such as a blank wall, for a backdrop and to emphasize the main subject. 😉

💡 Tips:

  • Composition in the center is the easiest
  • Stand back to give yourself plenty of space
  • Leave some space between the edge of the frame and the subjects
  • Determine if you're capturing a headshot, mid-body, or full-body portrait
  • Never cut off arms, heads, or legs

Check out other family photos to get inspiration and try different compositions to make the final photos as varied as possible.

      The composition is the foundation.
      All or detail?

      3. Experiment with different setting

      Whether you're having a family photoshoot outside or at home, don't just stay in one place. Even at home, you can find plenty of spots that make for beautiful photos. 📸 Find rooms that have good lighting and aren't cluttered with things that could detract from the photo and start shooting.

      Where to shoot?

      • By the window
      • On the bed
      • On the couch
      • By the wall
      • In a chair

      What to avoid?

      • Dark corners
      • Rooms cluttered with stuff

      Get inspired by the family photos in this article, or check out Pinterest or your favorite Instagram accounts for more ideas.

        Be inspired by the choice of environment.

        4. Make the photoshoot fun for the entire family

        Want to make your family photos more colorful and make the experience fun for the kids too? Use your imagination and incorporate costumes and props! It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a favorite toy, some fruit, a dress, or crown – let the kids choose.

        How to make the photos even more colorful?

        • Props
        • Colorful backgrounds
        • Flowers

        You can also do a themed family photoshoot. For example, choose clothes that match fall colors or head outdoors to the fallen leaves for an autumnal photoshoot. 🍂 And if Christmas is coming up, a Christmas family photo by the tree is a clear choice. 🎄

        There are no limits to creativity!

        5. Family photoshoot and outfits - what to choose

        Not sure what to wear for a family photoshoot? Stick to a few basic tips. ⚠️ Limit clothes with prints or patterns and bold colors. Your happy faces should be the main focus in every photo. Try to coordinate - find outfits that are similar in style or color and work together. And if you're not sure, you can never go wrong with simple black and white. 👍

        Colors that go together:

        Match your colors.
        Blue with blue, white with white.

        6. Play with your camera settings

        Depth of focus plays another important role when shooting. It affects how sharp the subject you're shooting is compared to the background.

        • By blurring the background, you can soften the entire photo
        • Do you have portrait mode on your phone or camera? Use it!
        • Tell your kids to move closer to you and farther away from the background.

        7. Let the kids decide

        Often it’s the little ones that are the most creative. Let them take pictures of each other or have them take pictures of you. Family photoshoots are fun, especially for your kids. You'll find that the best photos are the ones where you let them jump on the bed and run wild.

        Children can also take pictures.

        Don’t forget to print all your family photos

        Once you've finished the photoshoot, be sure to also print all your favorite photos so you can go back to them regularly. Add them to your family photo album, create a family photo book or kids' photo book, and display the best ones at home. Get inspired by what can be created from your family photos.

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