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The competition for the best Instagram photo is on. Join the fun!

We’ve launched the #BESTPIC competition for the best photo on Instagram. Each month, we announce one themed category you can compete in to win great prizes – such as FREE PHOTO PRINTING for a whole year. 📸 Try your luck and join the fun – everyone’s a winner!

Kristýna Lacinová
July 13, 2022

In past years, the judges reviewed nearly three thousand submitted photographs. Submit your best Instagram photos here. 📸 For September, we opened the category “Best Friends”. Select your best pic with your human or furry friends and submit it for a chance to win FREE PHOTO PRINTING for a whole year.

Best Friends

Friends since childhood 👯‍♀️ or furry friends 🐈🐕‍🦺. All types of friendships are welcome!

Deadline: September 30

Main Prize: FREE PHOTO PRINTING for a year

    The Instagrammers that submit their photos can collect votes from their friends and followers on Instagram and compete for the BESTPIC grand prize: A whole year of free photo printing!

    With #BESTPIC, everyone’s a winner

    Whether you submit a photo or just vote for others, everyone’s a winner! Try your luck by spinning our wheel of fortune and win a prize from

    How to enter the competition

    • Choose your favorite Instagram photo
    • Upload it to the #bestpic website
    • Spin the wheel of fortune to get your prize from
    • The winner will be announced by the judges’ panel at the end of each month
    • Get votes from your Instagram followers for a chance to win one of the grand prizes

    Which photo will you enter into the competition?

    All information about the competition can be found on the #BESTPIC website.

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