Decorate Your Home With Family Pictures

The joy of going through all the sweet pictures of your kids, a feeling that only a parent can understand. If you want to keep these memories alive and remind yourself of the magical moments you've had together more often - we have three tips for you how to use these photographs to decorate your house.

April 04, 2017

Overwhelmed with pictures?
It doesn't matter if you have one kid or two, your phone is probably full of pictures that you keep like treasure. They might be taken by grandparents or the excited dad during holidays, leisure time, weekends or other special occasions. Then there are all these pictures coming from professional photo sessions or school events. To sum up - your computer is probably overloaded with such a great material to create something beautiful. We are going to show you how to put together a collage, how to create a string photo wall display and how to use of washi tapes.

Use your imagination

Frame your pictures

If you are not a fan of posters, we have a tip for you. Why not to make a beautiful collage arranged together from frames of different sizes and colours? We can start with the frames you already have at home. Put them together on the floor so you can see how they will look on the wall. Finding the right form needs patience and time. Heart-shaped galleries are very popular right now but you can find other pretty ideas online or in our own inspiration board. In case you need more frames, check out IKEA or any other local furniture store. Little gems for a good price can be also found in hobby shops.

Choosing the right pictures is very hard because not always we have space for all of them. It's always better to print more images so you can change them after few months without any additional work. Always match the pictures with the right frames before you start hanging them on the wall.

Choose your favourite moments

A string photo wall display
Create an original and elegant decoration with the pictures of your dearest ones. All you need is string, clothespins, pictures and something to pin the string to the wall. You can even involve your kids to enjoy a little creative session together. Use five or six squared-shaped pictures (or any other size based on your preference) for every row. We recommend at least four of them, each can stand for a different month, season or theme. This DIY is easy and the result is beautiful.

Fun with Washi

Do magic with washi tapes
If you don't want or can't drive nails into the wall, you can try washi tape. It's also a great solution if you tend to change your decorations more often so you are looking for ideas that can be easily removed. Japanese tapes from rice paper are available in different colors and shapes. They are adhesive, cheap and it's easy to unstick them whenever you change your mind. We can easily recommend to use them on pictures of all sizes - they can cope with squares, large photos or even posters. Using them is quick and easy. For temporary decorations we recommend using squares (12 x 12 inches). You can create a beautiful gallery or put them vertically into empty parts of the room to make it look more cosy. Very popular is to mix wedding and children pictures - this combination will make you smile every day!

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