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At-Home Christmas Photo Shoot — Tips for Couples, Families and Friends

Would you like photos of yourself, your partner, pets, or children full of Christmas spirit? Check out our six tips and get inspired!

1. Keep it natural

We get it, you're nervous. Many people don’t like having their picture taken or like the way they look in photos... No need to despair, photography is more about capturing the right atmosphere. You don’t have to look straight into the lens. On the contrary, try to forget about the camera and do various Christmas activities — decorate the tree, bake cookies, or wrap presents. If you're into capturing fun times together, play with the dogs or the kids. Natural expressions of love and joy turn out beautifully in photos. Photos outside in the snow are also a great idea.

2. Coordinate the colors

There's no need to have clothes with Christmas prints or buy matching pajamas, but try to coordinate the colors everyone’s wearing. Red, white, and gold invoke a Christmasy look, as well as green, silver, and beige. Choose matching colors for each family member and try to match your surroundings.

3. Use different locations and decorations

With Christmas photos, we try to capture feelings of happiness, comfort, and coziness. In short, a winter holiday with presents. Places such as the bed, a favorite armchair or the couch, a place by the Christmas tree, or a kitchen filled with smells of cinnamon and Christmas cookies exude the Christmas spirit. Other photo locations can be outdoors — Walking through the woods, the snow, or along a favorite path, mug of mulled wine or hot chocolate in your cupped hands. The cold and warm drink will bring a healthy glow to your cheeks.

If you want to add a little extra something, decorations are a sure bet:

  • Candles
  • Santa hats and stockings
  • red and white candy
  • printed pajamas
  • a mug with something to warm you up
  • a blanket to wrap yourself in
  • Christmas lights
  • candy
  • Christmas ornaments
  • hats and scarves
  • mistletoe
  • and much more

4. Different compositions and set-ups

Capturing the right image takes patience and creativity. Try different poses, camera angles, and heights. But above all, wait patiently for the best moment to come.

  • Leave extra space around your subject — You can always crop your image later
  • Don't cut off the subject's arms or legs
  • Make sure nothing is "poking out" of anyone's head
  • If you're taking a portrait, set your camera up properly and include a slightly blurred background
  • Try to shoot the full frame plus any interesting details — You will choose the best shot later

5. Useful gadgets

If you decide to take your own photos, the following gadgets will definitely come in handy:

  • Remote shutter release
  • Tripod for your phone/camera (we recommend the Gorillapod)
  • Selfie stick
  • Reflector (helps spread light to the dark areas of the photo)
  • Christmas props

6. Ask someone to be your photographer

When someone else is taking your picture, you can relax without thinking about where you should put the tripod. Plus, the photographer will tell you if the shot doesn’t look good, or if your hair is sticking out or your makeup is smudged. It doesn't have to be a pro. Ask a friend, sibling, or your children and get some fun shots.

Display your Christmas photos at home

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