How To Scan And Archive Old Photos

How do you save old photos, if you don't want to stand next to the scanner all day? We tried a new app from Google – PhotoScan, which allows you to archive all your old family photos.

Before we started to store pics in our smartphones, people usually stored them in boxes. Each time I go through our old family photos, I see how my dad once had more hair than the whole Bonnie M group, and I think to myself, this should really be preserved for future generations.

Do you know this as well? Did you dig out the old pics you want to scan and keep on in the shoe boxes? All you need is a mobile phone and one application.

Photo Scanner Plus

Photomyne photo scanning app will delight all iPhone users. Why is this Photo Scanner one of the most downloaded applications? You can scan several photos at once with one click. You can adjust the filters and add captions to the scanned photos. It takes only minutes to keep old family albums for generations to come.

You can digitalize your old family albums in a minute!


A new scanner app from Google enables you to digitalize and store any printed photo right from your cell phone.

  • You can scan your old family pictures just by using your camera. The app will edit it and crop it automatically by itself.
  • The result is an enhanced digital copy of the original photo, which you can save and print again whenever you want.
  • You can edit your scans using filters or put them into a movie and immediately share it with your friends!
Don't leave the pictures in boxes. Save them in computer and make a family poster from old photos.

How does it work?

Check the step-by-step video, how to work with PhotoScan. This app is mostly for digitalizing old family photos or if you want to create personal gift for someone from family.

What next?

  • family photoalbum, combine old pictures of your grandpa with your new ones.
  • Choose your photoalbum in our guide

Print pictures

Both photo albums can be found in the e-shop section "MORE"
  • poster full of childhood photos

Print the poster

  • a photo book with scanned photos can be a beautiful gift for grandma and mum

Print Photoboook

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