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Create a personalized calendar using your own photos

Would you like to create a unique calendar for next year using photos instead of buying a boring calendar from the store? Or perhaps are you looking for a Christmas gift for your loved ones? Then our photo calendars are perfect for you! We’ll show you which calendars you can choose and how to make them look the best they can.

Kristýna Lacinová
October 18, 2022

Choosing a calendar

Some people like to use calendars as more decorative pieces that change every week or month. Others like writing important appointments and notes in their calendars. Depending on what you or your loved ones prefer, choose the calendar that best suits their needs.

At, we offer three different photo calendar designs. ⬇️

Monthly desk photo calendar with a wooden stand

This designer calendar makes a beautiful addition to your desk, dresser, or bookshelf. 🗓 The calendar sheets are hung on a wooden stand and you can have them printed in white or black. ⚪️⚫️ Choose 12 photos, 📸 one for each month, and you're done! Next year all you have to do is buy refill sheets to replace the old ones on the stand.

  • Printed area 8.86×5.9"
  • Wooden stand 9.65×7.48"
  • Digital printing, semi-matte paper, thick sheets (250g)
  • Holds 12 to 24 months

Monthly wall photo calendar

A large photo calendar is the perfect gift for anyone who likes displaying photos on their wall. 🎁 Maybe grandma will enjoy seeing a new photo of her grandchildren each month. Or, for the photographer on your list who will be delighted to see their photos in print. 📸 Choose 12 photos, one for each month, or use one of our templates and create a collage of up to 4 photos per page.

    • Printed area 11.8×18.1”
    • Cardboard backing 11.8×19.3"
    • Digital printing, semi-matte paper, thick sheets (200g)
    • Holds 12 months

    Weekly desk photo calendar

    Are you the kind of person that likes writing down dates, appointments, and notes in your calendar? Then the planning photo calendar is for you. In addition to the calendar, you can choose up to 220 photos. 📸 The photo sheets and calendar are separate, so it's up to you which photo you display. Either way, the photo calendar will be a great helper in addition to a beautiful decoration for your desk.

    • Photo area dimensions 7.8×5.9” calendar dimensions 3.9×5.9”
    • Cardboard backing dimensions 11.8×7.5”
    • The calendar includes 55 calendar sheets and up to 220 sheets with photos
    • Multiple photo layout options
    • Digital printing, semi-matte paper

    How to order a photo calendar

    • Choose the calendar you like best: calendar on a wooden stand, a weekly calendar or a wall calendar
    • Choose the colour version of the calendar and click on the Create button
    • Prepare your photos - you can upload them on your mobile or computer
      • For a monthly calendar you will need 12 photos, for a weekly calendar select a photo for each week of the year
      • You can create a collage of up to 4 photos on each page, so you can select many more
    • Drag and drop the photos into the editor and paste them onto the pages
    • Check everything in the preview and add the finished calendar to your cart
    • Then just pay and wait for your calendar

    Ideas for your next photo calendar

    When it comes to your photo calendar, the options are endless. Let your imagination run wild! Here are some of the most popular photo calendar ideas:

    Family photo calendar 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

    The family photo calendar is probably the most popular type of calendar we print. This is because it is great for home decor but also makes a great gift for family members. It’s simple - choose photos of the kids, the whole family, and fill the calendar with them. This way your loved ones can always remember you with a new photo each week or month.

    Monthly-themed calendars ❄️🏖🍂🎄

    Whether you decide to keep the calendar for yourself or give it to a loved one, try matching your chosen photos to the seasons and months. This will give your calendar all the more meaning. For example, choose photos from your beach vacation for the summer months, or snapshots of winter fun for the winter months. Fall should showcase all the brilliant colors of the fall leaves and December definitely needs a Christmas photo.

    Photo calendars make great gifts 🎁

    A photo calendar not only makes a beautiful gift but is also practical. Think about what the recipient likes best and try to match the calendar to his or her style. Family pictures for grandma, special moments together for your partner, and vacation photos for a friend. And for the dog and cat lovers on your list, a calendar featuring their furry friend.

    Which photo calendar will you get?

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