How To Decorate Your Home

  • January 23, 2018
  • Beth

January is tradionally connnected with the new year's resolutions. Usually they come with longterm diets and force us to give up our favourite treats. But if your new year's resolution contains redecorating your home, we have got some useful tips for you.

1. Wire memo board

Have you got a bunch of photos and are now wondering how to display them? The wire memo board is a hit that definitely can not be missed when you want to redecorate your home. You can pinpoint your favorite photos, quotations or assignments for work and school. Various wire memo boards can be found here for example.

Print it an pin it

2. Photo stand on the shelf

Do you want to revive a library, shelf or a work desk and flowers keep mysteriously dry out? Get a wooden photo stand and put in your favorite pics. They look particularly good when there are several of them next to each other.

Finally flowers that do not dry out. :pray:

3. Square to every kitchen

While the kitchen is rather a working place, a few decorations will certainly not hurt it. Dive into your computer and find some colorful photos of favourite meals and holiday pictures to help you get a fresh dose of cooking energy every day. Our squares are definitely kitchen-friendly!

Have a bite

4. Poster in the corridor

Do you balance at the end of the year how the 2017 was like? If it was also filled with travel experiences, happy moments with friends and family - poster is the right choice what to get yourself in your home. Select 35 or 70 photos, get a frame and that's it!

Poster is a #musthave in your new home 💕
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