How to Download Photos From Instagram

Can't figure out how to download Instagram photos and videos? Or how to get a perfect repost? We've put together some tips for the best websites and apps. Downloading from Instagram has never been easier!

How to download photos and videos from Instagram? Here is a guick tutorial:

1) Open https://download.photo/

2) Copy the URL address (link) of the instagram photo / video and paste it to the window

3) The photo will open in a new window

4) Just click "save picture" and that's it!

While you can bookmark a photo so you can look at it later, there is no way to download Instagram photos directly from Instagram. However, we know the way how to download pictures or videos from Instagram! No clue how to do it? Just choose one of the recommended websites or apps, copy the URL link and save your photo ⬇️

Download photos from Instagram: How to get a link to a photo or video from my post?

First off, you need to get the link for an Instagram photo to get the picture and video downloaded. Here are 5 quick and easy steps on how to get the link to copy into your clipboard:

  • Go to the Instagram app/web
  • Find the status with the photo, picture or video you want to download
  • Click or tap on the three dots link “...” at the upper-right corner. The drop-down menu will appear
  • Choose the “Copy Link”
  • Now you get the photo URL link copied into the clipboard

Now, let’s have a look at the specific apps and web services to download and save your Instagram photos via URL link:

Step by step: saving Instagram photos and videos from Downloadgram

Downloadgram 💻

Device/Platform: Website | www.igdownloader.com

This service works perfectly! With Downloadgram you can save photos and videos directly to your computer or Mac. Just copy the link of the picture on Instagram and paste it to the input field on the main page. Voila!

1) Open the Instagram photo you wish to download and click on the three dots "..." sign
2) Click on "Copy Link"
3) Paste the link to Downloadgram
4) Click on download image. Tadaa 🎊


Device/Platform: Website | www.instaoffline.net

InstaOffline supports the download of Instagram videos, images, IGTV and carousel posts with multiple images or videos. The website has a clean and user-friendly interface making it easy for anyone to use. It works across all platforms so you'll enjoy the same user experience whether you're on your iPhone or your PC. Best of all the website doesn't have any annoying advertisements. We recommend this service.

InstaOffline supports downloading photos from carousel posts.


Device/Platform: Website | https://download.photo

The easiest way to download photos and videos from Instagram. Tip for faster download: Use a bookmarklet for instant download from opened Instagram page. For install bookmarket drag [Save photo] button to your bookmarks for quick downloads in future.

What to do with fresh downloaded photos from Instagram? If you want to share a photo which is not yours, don't forget to tag the owner of the image. If you are planning to print photos from your friends' profile or your favourite photographers - you can choose from cool polaroid pics, fridge magnets, hip photo poster or breautiful squares. Printing photos from your phone or has never been easier.📷

Copy the link - paste it - save it! That's it ✔️


Device/Platform: Android, iOS apk | Android | iTunes

For mobile users we recommend the InstaSave app, which is suitable for both iOS and Android. Unlike other apps, InstaSave is easy to use. If you exceed the limit of 10 downloads, you can just watch a commercial and start downloading again. You can use it for downloading photos as well as videos.

Blastup (ex GramBlast)

Device/Platform: Website | www.blastup.com

Get your photo or video from Instagram in 3 steps. Works very simply just as the Downloadgram does. Put in the URL and press Download. Nice, easy, unlimited repeats…

You won't blast up with this tool. Download photo from instagram in 3 easy steps.


Device/Platform: Website | www.10insta.net

This is a very similar website service to Blastup or Downloadgram. It can copy photos in high-resolution quality and also can download stories and highlights pictures and videos by inserting the account username.


Device/Platform: Website | www.downloader4insta.com

Just like the previous examples, this is an easy to use alternative for downloading the Instagram content. Get the link for the video or photo and smile :-). This service offers something different. We tried the download stories section by entering the username, but unfortunately it doesn’t work for us. Hopefully it will for you.

Downloader For Instagram (+upload photo)

Device/Platform: Browser Extension | Google Chrome / Mozzila Firefox

Another fast and easy solution is to download a web extension that can extend the capability of your browser. Using Downloader For Instagram is one of the best solutions in my honest opinion. It will show a download button when you are moving your mouse over a published post in your or somebody else’s Instagram account. It captures high-res and high-quality images.

Instagram Helper: Download Instagram pic & vids

Device/Platform: Browser Extension | Google Chrome / Mozzila Firefox

Free to use downloader for Instagram photos and videos. Usable as an extension for Chrome or Firefox.

Image Downloader For Instagram

Device/Platform: Browser Extension | Google Chrome / Mozzila Firefox

Another popular browser extension alternative for Instagram content downloads.

A little gift for instagrammers: You know that sometimes you want to repost something really beautiful or repost when your customer posts an unboxing video and you want to really share it. Don't worry. There are easy ways to do it.


Device/Platform: Application (apk) | Android

If you just want to repost a picture or video from another user, you don't have to necessarily download it. InstaRepost was made for simple and clean reposts, with no frames or watermarks. With this web app, you can easily repost any photo or video from any public Instagram profile. No more screenshots!

What to do with your downloaded photos?

  • download photos from your friends's account, prin it and surprise them with a thoughtful gift
  • use photos as a mobile wallpaper or stick them on your actual wall
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