How To Keep Old Photos Forever With PhotoScan

How do you save old photos, if you don't want to stand next to the scanner all day? We tried a new app from Google – PhotoScan, which allows you to digitalize all your old family treasures.

Before we started to store pics in our smartphones, people usually stored them in boxes. Each time I go through our old family photos, I see how my dad once had more hair than the whole Bonnie M group, and I think to myself, this should really be preserved for future generations.


A new scanner app from Google enables you to digitalize and store any printed photo right from your cell phone.

  • You can scan your old family pictures just by using your camera. The app will edit it and crop it automatically by itself.
  • The result is an enhanced digital copy of the original photo, which you can save and print again whenever you want.
  • You can edit your scans using filters or put them into a movie and immediately share it with your friends!

How does it work?

Take a look at a short instructional video about how to use PhotoScan. It will come in handy, especially when creating a personal and original gift for a family member.

So let's make a poster with all the crazy pics of you and your siblings, photobook or wall decoration with retro family photos!

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