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How to print photos from Google Photos

Google Photos is a great way to store all photos, but the storage can become quite cluttered and disorganised when the number of photos you are storing grows. That’s why we recommend printing your favorite photos from Google Photos to keep them in a special place. Printing photos from Google Photos is super easy so let’s have a look at how to print from Google Photos.

Organize and download photos from Google Photos

The best way to print photos from Google Photos is to simply select the photos you would like to print and download to your device, whether it’s a cell phone, computer or tablet. In order to organize your photos you can create albums directly in Google Photos to group photos from a certain holiday or all photos of your pet. That way you can organize what photos you want to print.

How to download photos from Google Photos on desktop

  1. select all the photos you want to download by clicking on the check mark in the right corner of every photo.
  2. in the right corner click on download
  3. you will find your photos in Download folder in your computer

How to download photos from Google Photos on cell phone

Choose which photo product you want to create

There are many products that you can print with your photos. Head over to Squared.one and pick products that pique your interest. It can be classic photos in different formats (we offer formats ranging from 3.25x4” to 8x12” prints), polaroid style photos or even cute wallet-size photos. 📸 If you don’t want regular photo prints you can have your pick from various other products such as photo magnets, 🧲 wall art prints or photo canvases, 🖼️ photo books 📚 or calendars. 🗓️

TIP: Photo products always make a really beautiful present. For Christmas, birthday or anniversary, your loved ones will be delighted receiving printed memories.

Upload your photos

Whether you downloaded photos to your computer or cell phone, you can simply upload them to Squared.one in a couple of seconds. Once you’ve selected the product you would like to print, simply proceed to the photo editor and click on upload photos. You will be able to upload photos from your device or even your Facebook or Instagram account (check our guides on how to print photos from Instagram and Facebook). Edit all your photos to liking – crop them, select a frame color or add caption and proceed to payment.

Google Photos is a great place to store your photos and thanks to Squared.one it is super easy to bring the most cherished photo to life.

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