How to step in new year with the right foot!

The Christmas madness is long behind you and with the new year you have much more time to do everything. It is an opportunity for a new beginning, getting rid of things that have long haunted you .. But nothing should be overdone!

January 25, 2020

Everything has its time

What do you want to experience this year?

To gain new experience? Broaden your horizons? Don't be hard on yourself. Identify goals that you know you can at least partially achieve. Better to work slowly on something than not at all! A little Montessori aproach for adults will not hurt.

New Years Resolutions:

❤️ 💔
Connect eye with hand :) Learn to draw
Go jogging Go jogging every day 
Educate myself Read 1 book a month
More time for yourself, less rush, slow down! Work, work, work!

❣️ If you really want to start something, start now. Do not wait for a new year, another month or next week. Just get started!

Write yourself a letter

On this site http://fidli.com you can send a letter to the future. What would you like to tell yourself in a year? Or two? Five? Or write the letter by hand and keep it in a drawer. As you write, you realize what is important to you, what you want to work on in the future or what you are proud of and want to pursue. Are you worried about disagreements with people, situations at work or do you not know what to do with yourself? This can also make sense to you when you summarize your thoughts on paper and look at them from a different perspective.

Be sure to write the date.

And what about to be OFF?

Indulge in enough digital detox. Go out without a cell phone? 🤯 It's possible. Get rid of the feeling that you must always be reachable. What did you do on a day when you didn't have any social network yet?

  1. Start with a small walk
  2. Try it for a few hours
  3. Keep your cell phone one day at the weekend just for calling and texts
  4. How about a detox holiday?

A break from digital devices makes you not only productive but also creative.

Moment for yourself

True meditation is based on Buddhism and it is not a bed of roses. If you want to give your brain a little rest, sit or lie down and let it be for a while. It is healthy to spend 15 minutes a day just by yourself thinking. All your responsibilities will come to you, and then you will have time for new ideas. And you will see that you will sleep better.

No more negativism

Something bothering you? Someone is unsuitable or are you too critical? Don't let your whole body be swallowed by it. Consider the good side of everything and everyone. And if you really mind, don't worry about it. Life is not long enough to surround yourself with people you don't like. Get rid of negativity and see how things change. 

How to keep the previous year?

There are plenty of ways to recap the previous year, take the nicest out of it and make a big line for everything wrong. If you want to surround yourself with nice memories at home - create a poster from photos or photo wall full of small polaroids.

You will see that 2019 has been stuffed with experiences.

Archive photos to albums and diaries

Play with a diary entry. Get deep in scrapbooking. What was the year since it was over? What have we experienced? What are we grateful for? Thank and close it. * Scrape all last year's tickets from theaters, concerts and cinemas, drop a leaflet from the exhibition that inspired you the most, and don't forget the pressed flowers and leaves in the books. *

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