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Launching Squared.one in 9 more languages

Last year we've set out a goal to make photo prints accessible to everyone. That's why are proud to announce that we've launched the Squared.one in 9 more languages. In the future we're are planning to add even more. In the meantime, let's have a look at projects we've launched so far.

Not everyone speaks English or doesn't have the confidence to complete an order in English, that's why we've launched the Squared.one website in 9 languages to ensure as many people as possible can print their photos from the comfort of their home. Below you can see the list of all the websites that we've launched as of March 2024.

  1. https://de.squared.one/
  2. https://dk.squared.one/
  3. https://es.squared.one/
  4. https://fi.squared.one/
  5. https://fr.squared.one/
  6. https://it.squared.one/
  7. https://nl.squared.one/
  8. https://pt.squared.one/
  9. https://se.squared.one/

👉 Tip: you can also check out our Czech website vyvolej.to that we've established in 2015 and its Slovak version sk.vyvolej.to.

At all of these websites you can find the services and products as Squared.one offers, such as printing photos, polaroid-style photos, wallet-size phots, photo magnets, photo books and so much more. So if any of your friends, family members or acquaintances speak any of these languages, be sure to send them a link to the website (we also offer customer service in all of these languages). 

Would like to see Squared.one translated into another languages. Please let us know at info@squared.one. We will appreciate the input.

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