Pre-wedding to-do list

Your loved one finally kneeled in front of you and gave you the engagement ring? It is a wonderful experience, althrough it can soon be replaced by the stress while preparing for the wedding. Are you wondering what needs to be arranged so you can enjoy the wedding as much as possible? Use our list, which will guide you through the preparations month after month.

How to proceed step by step when planning a wedding? Have a look at our simple wedding template.

What to do after engagement?

When you got used a bit to that beautiful ring and the emotions stabilized a little (after all the congratulations from your surroundings), you can start planning your wedding slowly. Grab something good to drink or eat and try to agree with your partner on the following things:

  • Do you want to travel abroad for a wedding?
  • Would you have a church wedding?
  • Do you want a ceremony indoors or outdoors?
  • How many guests will you invite?
  • What is your preliminary wedding budget (count on a 10-20% reserve)? Who will contribute to it?
  • What is your ideal wedding date?

What to start with when planning a wedding?

11 months before the wedding:
Introduce parents if they don't already know each other
Choose a place for the wedding ceremony
Start to think about the type of wedding dress
Decide whether to enter into a prenuptial agreement
Do you want to hire a wedding advisor? Now is the right time (or you can use various planning diaries and applications)

10 months before the wedding:
Book the date of the wedding and find out what needs to be arranged
Start compiling a guest list
Choose the color scheme of your wedding

What to plan 9 months in advance?

9 months in advance:
Choose a wedding dress
Pick music for the ceremony and a band / DJ for a party

8 months before the wedding:
Create a schedule of the edding wday, avoid dead spots
Book a place for a feast
Arrange witnesses and introduce them to eayh other
You can send pre-wedding announcements (save-the-date)

7 months to the wedding:
Choose the customs and traditions you want to include in your wedding program
Choose a flower decoration
Book a photographer, cameraman and catering

Half a year seems like a lot of time, but don't put anything off

6 months in advance:
Make a list of wedding gifts you would appreciate
Arrange pick-up / accommodation for cross-country guests
Create invitation cards
Arrange the rental of chairs, tables, lighting, decoration…

5 months before the wedding:
Choose your honeymoon destination
Taste and order the cake
Try the food in selected restaurant and choose the wedding menu (ask for any special catering for guests - vegetarian, gluten-free,…)

4 months before:
Pick clothes for the groom
Tell the witnesses and bridesmaids what colors you want them to wear
Choose accessories to the dress

It's coming! What to arrange the last 3 months before the wedding?

3 months in advance:
Choose wedding rings
Book a hairdresser and a make-up artist
Plan an accompanying wedding program
Prepare a meeting schedule for the wedding reception

2 months in advance:
Schedule transportation to the ceremony and celebration
Choose who will be in charge of organizing the day
Check the validity of passports because of your honeymoon
Send invitation cards
Go through all the details of the ceremony with your wedding registrar/priest

6 weeks before the wedding:
Arrange for you and others to take time off work
Create a detailed schedule of the day, send it to the suppliers
Buy decorations for the ceremony and banquet
Find parking places near the location of the ceremony and celebration
Hire the staff / cattering

The last month before the wedding? Don't panic

4 weeks before the wedding:
Set the number of people at the feast
Try wedding makeup and hairstyle
Schedule speeches

3 weeks before the wedding:
Have a bachelor party
Make sure you have all the accessories for your dress
Write a playlist for the ceremony and banquet
Visit a beautician and hairdresser

2 weeks before the wedding:
Contact guests who do not respond to invitations and confirm the resulting number of people on the feast
Print timeschedules and name tags on the table
Agree with the photographer on the type of shots you want
Buy accessories to the photo corner
Check if drivers know where they are going
Start walking in wedding shoes
Make sure someone will take care of your flowers and pets during the honeymoon
Have your engagement ring cleaned and polished by your jeweler
Prepare a rescue bag - patches, safety pins, spare nylons, handkerchiefs, etc.

One week in advance:
Put money for specific people in the described envelopes
Try the wedding dress again
Confirm by call the photographer, musicians, ...
Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, wellness
Sleep more

Wedding day is here!

What to do the day before the wedding?
Take time off work
Pick up your clothes
Pack some comfy clothes for change after the ceremony
Prepare documents (ID card, birth certificate, divorce judgment, etc.)
Pick up the cake and desserts
Spend evening together and relax

The wedding day is here! Do not forget to:
Pick the flowers up
Decorate the car
Say thank you to everyone who helps you with the preparation
Have a breakfast

What not to forget after the wedding

The wedding is over, you enjoyed it and also everyone else. But the arrangements are not done yet.

What should you do the day after the wedding?
Return everything borrowed
Make sure everything is paid
Say thanks to guests and family
Have your wedding dress cleaned
Arrange the transport of wedding gifts

New IDs and personal documents after the wedding:

Dont forget to change: ID, driver's license, social security card, passport
Update your name at bank account and on credit card
Inform your boss because of your contract

Wedding memories

Wedding is a beautiful moment of life, so let print yourself photos that will remind you of that day even in moments when everything does not go according to your ideas. Every woman like to see again how beautiful she looked like a bride!

If you want to have printed wedding photos or to create a wedding photo book, do not hesitate. You can get everything in our photo lab. If you want more inspiration, find new ideas in our magazine.

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