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How to Print Polaroid-Style Photos from iPhone

Do you love the retro look of instant photos but don’t carry an expensive camera everywhere you go? At squared.one you can print all your favorite iPhone photos in the polaroid style. Let’s have a look how to print polaroid-style photos from iPhone.

The best way to print polaroid-style photos from an iPhone is to directly upload them to an online editor from your phone. If you own an iPhone and want to turn your iPhone photos into mini prints, follow these simple steps:

  • Open www.squared.one on your iPhone, choose polaroid-style photo prints and pick a desired format. You can also select the photo paper finish (matte or glossy)
  • You will be redirected to our online editor, where you can upload your photos.
  • Tap on "Select files" and choose to upload from your "Photo Library." You can select iPhone photos from the chronological section in the Photos app or browse through your albums.
  • Once you've chosen your photos, tap "Add," and the photos will be uploaded to our online editor.
  • In the editor, you'll have the option to adjust the crop of each photo, choose the color of the frame, and add a caption to the bottom of the frame.
  • Proceed to checkout and wait for polaroid-style photos to be printed.

💡 Tip: Prior to printing your retro photos, it's helpful to go to the Photos app and mark all the photos you wish to print as favorites or put them on a separate album. Then, while uploading, simply navigate to the Favorites album, making the entire process smoother.

What sizes can you print polaroid-style photos from iPhone?

We offer polaroid-style photos in two sizes: 3.25×4″ and 4x5”. You can print both of these formats from your iPhone. iPhones shoot 4:3 photos and photos in the frame are square so note that some parts of your photo will be cropped. You can adjust the crop in our editor.

How to print other photo print sizes?

Print photos from your iPhone in the size you want. We offer photo prints ranging from 3.25×4″ to 8x12”. You will find classic formats like 4x6 photo prints and also wallet-size photos. Find out how to print photos from iPhone in all formats.

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